One of Bear 399's four recently emancipated cubs has just been euthanized

The above picture was taken shortly before Bear 399 emancipated her four 2.5 year old cubs (subadults actually) in mid-May.

It took exactly 2 months for one of those (Bear 1057, a male) to be euthanized for excessive human conflicts, having shown a pattern of habituation to humans while still with 399. The bear was so bold as to ignore attempts to haze it.

Unfortunately, the phrase, a fed bear is a dead bear, was all too true in this case. Unfortunately, 399 herself is excessively habituated to humans, but has managed to avoid crossing the critical line, but unfortunately she has taught her cubs this same behavior and at least one more cub is in severe danger of euthanasia if it persists in similar behaviors.

The other two cubs have left the area and we can only hope they stick to a natural bear diet and avoid humans.

For those unfamiliar, Bear 399 has long been a “celebrity” bear of sorts in the Yellowstone area, but sadly, that in itself is much of the problem.