One Man and the Country

So I have a question: Objectively, setting aside feelings, etc.

What difference does it make to the country if a President gets sick or even dies?

William Henry Harrison

Abraham Lincoln

James Garfield

William McKinley

Warren Harding

Franklin Roosevelt

John F. Kennedy

The country has easily survived all of them. With an intense period of mourning for some.

But no significant disruption.

No man is irreplaceable.

Not one.

If Trump was to die, the country would move on without missing a beat, as it has always done.

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Assassinations are outside the realm of my discussion. Presidents are assassinated because they are Presidents.

People get sick, and die, every single day. Good people, bad people, leaders, followers.

Why is a President such a big deal?

This is my thinking also.

William Henry Harrison, Warren Harding and Franklin Roosevelt all died naturally and FDR in the middle of a major war.

Absolutely no problem in any case.

The better question is, is there something about the support for this particular president that makes him a bigger deal than previous ones?

As the leader of the free world our folks as well as folks around the world expect us to make a big deal out of it. Jon Mecham was talking about how the US has downplayed and even hidden information about various presidents health. And according to him it has been done in a effort to keep any unrest in the world at a minimum. And so, he was skeptical that we may not get the whole story about Trump’s condition day to day.

Exactly. Even the attempted assassinations of FDR and Ford and Reagan.

If they had died we’d would have survived.


I don’t think he is. Most people don’t know history.

The President of the United States is not the “leader of the free world”.

To paraphrase gropey joe, Trump is “the country”.

Not really of course, but line of succession aside, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s undeniable that policy aside, temperament would drastically change right now if it became necessary for Pence to take over.

Not any more.

Charles de Gaulle: The graveyards are full of indispensable men.


Interesting article. Goes back to the cold war.

It’s ridiculous.

In the case of President Trump, all of the changes he has made for the good of the people would probably be reversed if he died.

After 8 years of negative changes, we were like a stream that was damned up (creeping backward) and stagnate. Now we are becoming more a free flowing stream.

President Trump continues to flummox the left and some on the right. That is good for our country. Things will never be better if people are afraid to rock the boat.

They aren’t…unless your life is so absent from anything more meaningful, that requires your attention.

It isn’t hard to recognize someone whose foot this shoe fits…cuz…they’re often…yelling at the sky. :sunglasses:

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there are several government officials awaiting prosecution that will not happen if the political winds blow left… it is a very big deal to some

Gosh I hope you’re right and that those in question, will be treated the same as you…or I? I’ve waited for years now and I can’t tell if the pace of the “drip” is picking up…or drying up?

Picking up? In the 10 years I’ve been here not a single one of your conspiracies have panned out. Literally the worst track record possible

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