One important update to corona-virus advice

It is a good idea to lay off or at least reduce your consumption of the sauce, particularly if you think you are positive for infection.

Alcohol interferes with the absorption of zinc and of course zinc is critical to your body’s efforts to fight off corona-virus.

A couple of good sources had mentioned the above, so I thought I would pass that along as a public service.

And to quickly reiterate:


Get lots of Vitamin C

Get plenty of sun exposure. If that is not possible, get plenty of Vitamin D via milk, etc.

And get zinc. In normal times 8 mg a day women and 11 mg a day for men is recommended, but anything up to 40 mg a day is safe according to the National Institutes of Health.

Get zinc and cut the sauce. :smile:


Dude we’re in a pandemic and stuck in our houses with the same people every day.



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There’s a reason why liquor stores are considered “essential”.

Great advice. Except up until March 25th as a toll collector I drank, smoked, and didn’t wear gloves. Business as usual for me. Didn’t catch ■■■■■ and don’t expect to catch anything.

I was going to say that!

I read a medical examiner saying every Corona corpse he had examined had ibuprofen in the body.



I couldn’t find anything about not drinking to ward off the virus, but a lot of people believe anything they read on the internet, for example some folks bought into the myth that drinking excessive alcohol would ward off the virus.

And of course they died of alcohol poisoning. Okay, that was in Iran, but there’s thousands of Americans who probably think the same thing.

Or don’t even have that excuse to drink themselves to death.

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Find it yourself.

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I’m not buying that so-called story.

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I think I can get over that.

Actually, I figured out why you won’t link to anything. :joy_cat:

:pancakes: :rabbit2:

Because we have GOOGLE.


I have not found any solid evidence regarding Ibuprofen either way.

However, it would not hurt to switch to a different pain reliever, just in case, until the crisis passes.

It may be nothing, but never hurts to hedge your bets. :smile:

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I did a little online research.
Death is not due to the virus, but to the body’s hyperimmune response to it.
Massive eosinophil attack on the virus in the lungs destroys the lungs and causes death.
(This is why even 100% oxygen cannot help.
NSAIDs (including ibuprofen and acetaminophen) are suspected as being trigger for excessive eosinophil response.

Point I have not heard responded to:

If that were universally true, it should be top of the fold headlines worldwide.

If you get your blood alcohol up to 60% it will kill the virus, guaranteed.

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