One day it happened!

I woke up and the classified documents were declassified. Then I said Barr is tilting the scales of justice. But then the documents say that others had jumped on the scales prior to Barr’s arrival. In fact Barr only began the role in February of 2019.
Wait, that means he was not involved with the FBI or DOJ or Intelligence committee prior to that date.
So all that is being exposed, was being hid prior to Barr. All that is being exposed says it was a hoax except for the abuse of power. The abuse of power by Obama and his lackeys.
Now those that claimed this was a hoax on this forum were called conspiracy theorists. what then happens when what we were criticized for turns out to be a grand conspiracy to undermine our democracy?
This time we have documents that bear out our truth. Three years of lies oft repeated by the radical servants of the intelligence agencies.
I feel vindicated. How do you feel?
Smugly we denounce those that saw the truth for what it was. Sardonically we compliment you for your certainty as you have most certainly been wrong.

What begs a question is why Paul Ryan, never pursued the truth, or why Lindsey Graham never pursued the truth. It took a village to fight Trump and what we see id the elected officials serve the intelligence community. That should scare those that were right and those on the left as well.

Oversight of an agency isn’t the same thing as running an agency.

The waste was having Sessions in there for three years.

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it was the house committee that hid the truth

did Shifty get caught?

nobody is being caught, but many are being exposed.

They were doing everything to protect their criminal activity. What was their criminal activity, was it Obama creating ISIS, selling Guns to Drug Cartels, selling America’s uranium to our enemy, Hillary’s pay to play, Nation Building using the State Department Soros NGO’s and Civil Society 2.0 and Obamagate’s illegal spying.

They have motive to lie and deceive obviously !

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The activity that we have documents to support as criminal involved spying on and framing people a la the Gestapo.

lets not forget the attempted coup

a perjury charge may loosen her tongue

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Think she feels threatened now?

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I knew she was up to no good.

Don’t ask how…I just read it in her.

Where the ■■■■ is Vindman?


Oh boy is THAT a good question.

Yovanovich could be related to him.


Free to lie, free to lie, if you are against Trump you are free to lie.
the corruption includes the courts as well

One and the same.

He has that twin though undermining the security clearance of published works like the Bolton page turner.

Where the ■■■■ is Bolton?

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End justifies the means.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out Marie and Alex were…

same with vindman. it’ll come back around.

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Found him.



That dumbass is getting a PhD from Hopkins and will have a comfortable career well insulated from inflation.

Not what I would ever consider advanced degree material.