One day after the election, Alberta start whining about the results

so the Liberal won the election and the Conservative Alberta is not happy.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party was re-elected Monday night and that has some Alberta residents calling for separation.

The Liberals were elected as a minority government but did not win a single seat in Alberta or Saskatchewan and lost the popular vote 34 to 33 per cent to the Conservative Party.

Alberta proved once again to be a Conservative stronghold with all but one of the province’s ridings going blue — NDP candidate Heather McPherson won in Edmonton-Strathcona — and the party capturing 70 per cent of the vote.

It is really Quebec they need to chuck out of Canada. :smile:

The rest of the provinces would likely come to a reasonable status quo. :smile:

Quebec is over their independence stink, now they are all about milking the government for money.

Not my Prime Minister! Resist!

What would live in Canada accomplish for them exactly? Being a landlocked country isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Nothing they just are made other provinces don’t want to build pipelines.

Pretty much, they are so upset they are calling for anyone from NL to be fired because NL voted liberal.