One by one the dominoes fall

He wasn’t? So the millions of taxpayers money spent of the Ken Starr witchhunt over some dumb real estate deal called WhiteWater didn’t happen? So, the settlement with Paula Jones never happened?

christine crazey horde sure did bring along a horde of crazies.

Seriously though, the most believable one is deborah ramirez, and she flat out admitted to not even knowing if it was Kavanaugh involved in her story, much less no witnesses.

good point, now hear this, paula jones paid him, the house impeached him. Dems love him. and then there were all the allegations that were never investigated like willey and Broderick.

so Clintonian, were they all investigated, how many recanted?

why would you bring up Clinton?

illustrations that far left crazies that support autocratic tactics own the dem party.

lol - “Little known Kavanaugh accuser”.

I’m not sure what is more ridiculous. That generous description of her notoriety, or your one by one the truth emerges line.

Say, could you refresh me on the rules for that Devil’s Triangle drinking game the judge and his buddies played again. :rofl: