One by one the dominoes fall

So one by one the truth emerges. Another Kavanaugh accuser says her story was fake.

done to derail the judge.

I believe her but democrats do not I guess.

Was her accusation even brought up during the controversy? I live in San Diego and the linked article is the very first I’ve ever heard about an accuser from Oceasnside or a “backseat rape”

And as usual you are wrong

did you read the article, the committee saw the report. The dems believed it.

Yes, it was written about. The reason it didn’t get more attention was because it was anonymous. Even if it had not been, why would such an accusation be given credibility when there was no corroborating evidence and not details like where it occurred and how she got home?

none of the BS ever should have been believed, Ford was anonymous to

Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee revealed the fraud in a letter to the FBI and Justice Department Friday, asking them to prosecute Judy Munro-Leighton for lying to and obstructing Congress.

I hope this trial is publicized too.

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she should be allowed to face her accuser.

Ford was credible. That’s all that matters. You always get copy-cats.

The tragedy is that an angry partisan alcoholic is sitting on the sc.

So no sexual assault should be believed.

Interesting take, but hey. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

She should be prosecuted. She lied. That is unacceptable.

Boozing Brett should feel better about himself as he angrily reads cases, chugging beer, and trying to identify who the Democrat is in the case, so he can rule against them.

She is certainly not credible but I’m scratching my head here… Is sending a letter and an email a “statement to congress”? I wonder how many emails and letters senators get weekly that make claims just a ludicrous… My prediction, Grassley get’s his little press release and we never hear about this again…

credulous discernment

credible in that nobody was there, she was an anonymous source that got played.

yep, new concept, due process, look it up.

Bill Clinton would have appreciated your support back in 90s.

he was tried and disbarred, due process. but he never lied, except under oath and……………….

Due process. Clinton wasn’t disbarred for sexual assault. His relationship with Lewinski was consensual. He was disbarred for lying under oath.

Due process. Many women came out during the 92 election and claimed he did this or that to them. Republicans jumped on that bandwagon and rode it into the ground. Republicans were immediate and quick to believe the women. ■■■■, even Trump in his magical tastes in scraping the bottom of the barrel, drug them out during one the 2016 debates. And the Republicans continued the same mantra that Clinton was guilty of whatever these women were claiming. Posters here still call Bill a “rapist”, even though there was no proof of such.

If the Clinton accusers were so quickly believed, why was Dr. Ford immediately thrown under the bus, discredited, called a liar, etc? Why the double standard? It’s all due process, right?

he was tried and disbarred, due process. but he never lied, except under oath and……………….

not at all, Clinton was never investigated, Kavanaugh was.