One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


Attempted rape you say? :rofl:

Do you have a copy of the letter to reference, the person who wrote the letter and corroboration of the accusations or are you just reaching?


There isn’t a shred of corroboration, but that won’t stop many on the left from saying he’s guilty until proven innocent.

Meanwhile, we know for a fact that Beto drove drunk, got in an accident and tried to leave the scene, then got off later because daddy was a judge, but none of that matters.


He is going to be confirmed. The posturing, the lunatics acting out only turns mainstream American’s against them and whatever cause it is they are pushing.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth when they didn’t get their way and Trump was elected. There will be the same with this. They are making spectacles and fools out of themselves.


Snipped the rest of the ■■■■■■■■.

Put up or shut up! Where are the charges? Not the crap Feinstein pulled out of her ass, but the actual charges?


Well they are to conservatives. Not sure about the broader electorate but you could be right about that.

This is a claim by an anonymous person about an event that allegedly happened about 35 years ago, no corroboration from anyone else, and yet some on the left are calling him a racist on that basis alone.

Meanwhile, there is a credible claim of domestic violence made by a named woman against Keith Ellison, and the left doesn’t care.

The double standards are disgusting.


No need to even pretend like it matters if it’s true or not.


I’m sure this won’t matter to the libs but I will post it anyway.


Well, if your company held a meeting and someone in the back stood up and started disrupting because they disagreed with something everyone would think “what a lunatic”. You just don’t behave like that when you are an adult unless all you are looking for is negative attention.

And yes, the left has some extreme double standards, which is to be expected. It causes a loss of credibility for them and they are blind to it. I hope they keep doing what they are doing. They are very entertaining.


Well that’s all true. It’s hard to think any reasonable person, regardless of their political ideology, would be ok with smearing a man with an anonymous accusation and no evidence.

This is entirely different than the Roy Moore situation, as he had multiple accusers who came forward as well as witnesses who backed up their stories and said they heard about it years ago. Plus the women were underage girls at the time and Moore was in his 30s.


Exactly. Moore had named accuser that were willing to go on the record, in person, and recount their personal victimization at the hands of that sexual deviant. This is not even in the same universe as that.


Actually… I am with you guys on this one.

I don’t like Kavenaugh and I think that there is tto much hanky panky with hiding a ton of his records to wrap up the confirmation as quickly as McConnell wants too… but an unnamed accuser from High School … even though it could be true… is unreliable without further proof.

I don’t think that it will change the vote at all and is a cynical way to try to stall the vote until after the election.

It is not good.


Yep, but if I remember right there were at least two women who came forward. And they had friends and family who confirmed they heard the stories years ago.

These were teenaged girls and Moore was in his 30s. I hope Rs take that seat back in 2020, but he absolutely deserved to lose. I either would have held my nose and voted for Jones or stayed home for that election.


You and I disagree on quite a few things politically, but I’ve always enjoyed interacting with you and think you are very reasonable and a fair thinker.

It certainly is a cynical way to attempt to hold up the vote, and am sure it is going to backfire.


You libs would be better off leaving Kavanaugh alone. If he gets pulled and Trump puts Kethledge in there, you’re going to be real unhappy.


I don’t think that it will have any long term effect on anyone’s opinion if it backfires… especially when the news cycle is on an hourly basis.

That is why they are doing it.


Wait. Yes. Let’s do that instead. Go Libs!!


My guess is he would replace Kavanaugh with Barrett. Some on the left need to be careful for what they wish for.

It’s like some of them don’t seem to realize that if Trump is impeached Pence takes over.


Well the news cycle definitely changes at lightening speed in the Trump era, and although I think it will stick with some on the left it won’t with the majority.


No he wouldn’t, Pelosi would.


Yeah, I’m sure Pelosi would nominate someone who is even more conservative than Kavanaugh. :joy:

I think Trump’s base would almost demand it, since a lot were hoping Barrett would be the choice in the first place.