One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


It was Reported and the Obama Presidency sat on it! Just like they do with any Scandal! Cover it up, and give the people immunity who were involved.!




I agree there needs to be an ethics office that overseas all operations, and they have to take extensive tests to prove they arent bias one way or the other.


FBI warned her and covered it up! read it!


Garland was a conservative. It just GOP had drilled into brain dead sheep that Obama was a socialist communist fascist dictator and they had to block everything they did. There was nothing progressive about Garland in the least bit. He was pro-business through and through. Only thing was he was not some bible waving nut job far-left racists so most of GOP base think he is a bleeding heart communist.


The problem with that is they…meaning FBI, CoJ and CIA to name a few have broken the trust of American people. As I’ve learn once that trust is broken you will never get it back.


Well impaneling a grand jury for Mccabe is a good start. Strzok, Ohr, Page and Comey could soon follow.


Anti gun. But good try.


Wow, that is all they can come up with? Some anonymous source from what 30+ years ago? From High School?

Pathetic, desperate and completely predictable.

I’m pretty tired of all of the mud slinging with “anonymous” as a source. This should have been handed over by Feinstein to the FBI in July if it had any merit.

What a bunch of sore losers.


Charge me! Charge me! This is my Spartacus moment!


:rofl: no he isn’t.


The assertion that Obama would actually nominate a conservative to the SCOTUS is laughable on it’s face. Calling him a moderate would be generous.


You’re suspect!


Obama was quite moderate. After all “Obama care” was nearly a clone of Romney Care and what Republicans pushed in the 90s. Also, your boy Trump and the GOP Congress are already running $1trillion deficits at full employment. Raising taxes on the rich by a few % and not being a gun nut doesnt make you a raging liberal


Horse hockey.


Yes, the NYT reported she’s been sitting on it for weeks.


No kidding. As if Obama would have picked a conservative. That’s some revisonist history there. Now the left is claiming Garland was one of us. :joy:


Sore losers who are so desperate they are smearing a good man.


Ronan Farrow ?


So now with this attempted rape charge will the GOP as it has done fabulously negotiate its conscious once again to say "It doesnt atter that he attempted to rape anyone while drunk in HS because he wasnt a Judge then? It only matters what he has done since being a judge right? A judge of character if you will.