One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


I don’t think he’s a good man.


Right. It’s the accusation that matters. Where have i heard that before


I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Dems have him at the grassy knoll.

Good thing though that he didn’t drive off a bridge and leave a young woman to drown, while waiting many hours to report it to police.


Well sexual accusers often are but again i agree this is much about nothing imo


Does Kavanaugh know anything about the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance?


I wouldn’t have supported Kennedy to be a Supreme Court Judge nor would I have ever voted for him.


He and three other friends embarked on a journey that would form their young lives. They learned a lot about each other walking the railroad tracks, even discovered that apparently you couldn’t take a leisurely swim in any small pond that wasn’t overrun with leeches. And all because the meekest one of the four, Brett, said “You guys wanna see a dead body?”


no more rules…Reid and then mitch sought to that. This is the natural progression of things in DC.

Should have never removed the fillibuster and put Garland to a vote.

But now i get to watch the right whine that the Dems are playing dirty…Which is laughable


Now its an unconfirmed woman that Kavanaugh messed around with that is the claim against Kavanaugh. Same accusation happened against Roy Moore, and where did that lawsuit go? Nowhere. I am sick and tired of the personal slander, what policies do liberals have to run on other than impeachment, abolishing ice and our borders and free crap for everyone, and the raising of taxes?


It’s their last gasp attempting to derail his nomination. They have nothing else.


Anonymous sources, fake reporting and this BS needs to stop! Trump makes personal Attacks, but doesnt need anonymity to do it! Bloody Cowards! The Entire DNC are nothing but bloody cowards. Run from defeating terrorism, supports MS13, Supports terrorist organizations like Antifa, Loves making up crap on the nightly news by quoting anonymous sources that are never validated, it took the MSM almost a year and a half for them to admit the DNC paid the Dossier. They still wont report that Fusion GPS Simpson met with Veselnitskya before and after the Don JR Meeting! Ohh because if they did that it would destroy the whole Don JR is treasonous talking point! The MSM and Liberals can go pound sand! Hey Beto ! If you hear me, stop being a coward and man up and debate Ted Cruz.


Feinstein should be (she wont) expelled. It’s been reported that she’s known since July and hasn’t shared it with either side in committee, presumably to keep it from being shared with R’s.


She can’t resist the whataboutism, no matter how random.


Meanwhile he FBI is allowing themselves to be used.


Is withholding a documents a problem now?


Not for long it seems the oversight might be subpoenaing George Popadopalous to testify about his meetings with Misfud ( CGIDonor), Halper (FBI Paid Informant who used Russian Contacts to engage the Trump Campaign) , Downer (CGI Donor), Things seem to be heating up, not to mention the Strzok/Page Fiasco. Liberals are no longer talking about Russia, but are diverting to Kavanaugh and Hurricanes, there is a reason for it.


No but her knowing that a Chinese spy was on her staff for 20yrs and doing nothing about it is a problem.


Feel free to report it. Thanks in advance.


Lets hope do but I have no faith in the system…once it’s corrupt their is no going back.

That’s why they really need to be disband. And yes I’m serious. A new law enforcement agency need to rise out of it using people from Midwest, Utah, Neb etc. From outside of DC area.


Don’t know. Is withholding evidence of a federal crime committed by a judge during senate conformation hearings a violation of senate rules?