One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


There is precedent.


I really enjoyed watching a lot of this hearing. Very educational once they got past the kabuki.

My favorite:

Mike Lee was very good. As was Sasse.


No, the minority members did not, and the subset of what was asked for was received way too late, not before the candidate questioning, but during and after. Why?


Silly girl. I did not say we are all certain what was said, I said we are all certain what was not said. Huge difference.


Yeah, they did. And Booker knew it before "CHARRRRGE ME!!! "


We know what he tweeted.


Little boy, you are not certain of anything.


No, they did not, and what they did receive was too late to be useful. And, I’m not defending Booker, don’t care about him.


Yes they did.
The vote isn’t for two weeks, useful for what?


Resounding rejoinder. We are sure of his tweet before the hearing.

And we’re sure of who gave him access.


No, they did not, and what they did receive was not in time to be useful, useful for the testimony phase. To question the candidate about anything in those docs. The vote date is largely irrelevant, once the opportunity to question the candidate is past.


Yes they did. Booker questioned him about it. You didn’t watch it.

They can question him any time they want. Could it be you mean too late for a gotcha moment on C-Span?


I am certain that you are a troll.


Oh, dear. You’re sad.


There you go again … projecting your own feelings on others. Don’t you know that I am a conservative? I don’t have feelings. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sexually accusation against the nominee are now flying. Here we go or more of the same?


Nothing else has been working, this was to be expected.


Possibly. The accusation is decades old. But so was Moore’s


None of which were ever substantiated either.


I knew someone would post that here sooner or later.

The NYT claims Feinstein has been sitting on this for weeks. She chooses now to bring it up?

The Dems are desperate and have no qualms about smearing a good man.

Oh, and the accuser of course is anonymous.