One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


During the Kagan hearings, the committee chairman, a Democrat, requested the documents asked for by the minority. This time: not. Because, Republicans.


They got what they asked for. Ask Booker.


This kid from Maine doesnt have his understanding of govt right. It is not up to the courts to give us clean air. It is a function of congress to make the law. They have not done so.

People should quit running to the courts with their grievances. The congress should make our laws. The courts punish those who do not obey them.


LOL. The dems are trotting out kids against.

The Republicans are rolling out Constitutional scholars for.

Emotion vs. Reality.


When did we stop really teaching government and civics in school?


Appeal to pity has become the basis for policy. Both tribes.


Well, there goes the race card.


The 60’s is my best estimation.


Nah… It is when they stopped airing Schoolhouse Rocks.


1996…you think?


They aired those until 1996? Then Fox News goes on air in 1996!?

I think we are through the looking glass here people.


They did…and you are right. :flushed:


I believe you, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t.


It doesn’t matter a great deal what was said (we are all pretty certain it was not praise.) Anytime someone is ambushed in a crowd, particularly after being the object of so much hatred, they are most likely going to react with trepidation not cordiality.


Justices already have term limits … one. :wink:


I prefer the word misguided. :wink:


My facts are facts, and include full context. You don’t have to like them for them to be the facts.

Fact is, there is no precedent to what McConnell did in 2016.


There is no precedent.

The context is your ever changing parameters do not establish a precedent.


Dantes has taken care of this one pretty nicely in the other thread:


It is hilarious to watch you people make up stuff out of whole cloth. You don’t know what was said yet you’re certain about what was said.