One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


Who was the guy that said they should publish their own emails in the interest of transparency?



Either she was bluffing to get a clip (which she did), or the Dems think they have him talking to someone.

Normally I’d bet bluff, but the exchange looked a bit off.


They just took out Trigglypuff


Feinstein needs to retire. Probably Grassley too.


Thanks for posting that. I wish I could vote for that guy in the next presidential election.


I would too.

Zina Brash is hot. Especially for a Mexican-Jewish white supremacist.


That was very well done. Sasse “gets it”.


I agree. What kind of racist is he?


Yea the BEST Speech At the hearing.

I keep telling people what he said.
That Congress and Senate have stopped doing the work that we need them to do.
President and the court shouldn’t be making laws.


He has display certain amount of bigotry…bigotry toward bureaucrats. :wink:


The good news is, I hear that to prevent this nonsense in the future, the gallery where the protestors stage their noisy disruptions will be made soundproof with a speaker inside so the protestors can listen to the hearing, but the protestors screeching and adolescent yapping will no longer be heard in the hearing room.


Civil rights ought not be based upon the perverted desires of sexual deviants who now impinge upon the inalienable right of mankind being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations.


I really like his answer on the use of acquitted conduct for sentencing. Great answer.


In fact I like his focus on due process.


Durbin - promise us you’ll rule against Trump.


I think I like Mike Lee from Utah.


Just now coming to that conclusion? I’ve like Mr. Lee for some time now. His brother as well.


Kasowitz re: Harris:

Time to see if it was anything more than a bluff.


I don’t get out to Utah much.


You should if the opportunity presents itself. It is quite beautiful. And you don’t have to visit the state to learn about its Senators. :wink:


the senate did advise obama on garland. they said “not a chance”