One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


Leahy screwed that up yesterday. The email chain doesn’t say what he claims.


Ahh gotcha, thought that was today. Guess the Booker thing is.


I didn’t hear about Booker. So now they’re trying to paint Kavanaugh as a racist?


From the article:

“A statute might designate all future Supreme Court seats as 18-year terms, with justices sitting on the court by designation, followed by life tenure on the lower federal bench. The vagaries of justices’ deaths and retirements should not throw American democracy into tumult,” they write."

Seriously? The Constitution says they are appointed to a term of good behavior. You can’t overturn the Constitution with a statute.


An Amendment is not a statute?


No idea, not been following any of this until now. Assumed he was a pretty safe pick.

Booker is running, so i’m sure he’s going to make the most of whatevers there.


There is a problem with term limits I think they’re over looking.

I think it would speed up the activism. Rush to leave a legacy.


Ah here we go.


Nor is a pig a horse.


After Garland, there is no “safe pick.” This isn’t about Kavanaugh.

Lycurgus the Law Giver nor Lady Justice herself wouldn’t be a safe pick in that toxic cesspool.

The 17th Amendment coming home to roost. #Resist!


I mean safe as in a sure-thing. The noise is very much expected, given that both Booker and Harris are undoubtedly both going to run and given the current ongoing political environment. They have to be shrill or the base will punish them.

Whackier than usual right now.


Ok, if you say so. Might want to look that up.


So do I.

It’s going to get worse and won’t get better.





Hearing is nuts right now.


The trend is clear. I can’t wait.


Booker is making it about him. Well done. Kavanaugh just sitting there.


Booker will scream racism if they do anything to him.


till, his email stops short of saying whether he personally believed that the abortion rights precedent should be considered a settled legal issue.

Whoopos. He was making a legal document he was hired to do, and it didn’t say it was his personal opinion.


Kamala Harris asked him if he had ever talked to someone working with a particular law firm about Mueller or the investigation.
Kavanaugh answered that there were many law firms in Washington and he often didn’t know which firm a lawyers was with. He said that if she would give him a particular persons name then he would try to answer.
This Kamala wouldn’t do but got all upset while the protestors were yelling “Answer the question”.
That was such a pathetic attempt to trap him into saying something that she could later prove as false. Couldn’t she even try being a little more subtle?