One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


Ok, just keep your left eye open too.


It is not my view that person and property are equivalent. However, it is a fact that for many a part of their person is money.

Do many in different cultures sell their daughters into marriage or sexual slavery?


Must be a perception problem then. How do you overcome the perception that the left is unhinged?

You couldn’t pay me enough to claw at doors or wear a hand maiden outfit (well except for Halloween).

I simply go about my life (I have a mortgage and bills to pay) and vote.


I do the same. He’s got a good head as does his sister. I try to teach him the value of voting for the best person, not for the party. He and I work to have a greater understanding of each other’s views. He left school more the left than id hoped. But the reality is bringing him around. Just like me 30 years ago.


On this… I can agree with you.


Good for you, Konssurvative. Parenting… No matter how old they are… We are still parents, right?

Teaching critical thinking skills is so very important. If this, then what? Follow the moves like a game of chess. Follow the moves and see how the Dominoes fall.

I am very conservative, but if he has a reason to vote the way he does, as long as he has followed a path that is based on logic and fact, not feelings, I am proud of him, even if his vote is the complete opposite of mine.


My dad taught me that. You are always a parent. No matter how much your kids are grown up. My last moments with him was filled with him worrying about me. I’ll never forget that. He was always my dad. Not my friend…my dad.


Then you were blessed. Godspeed to your dad. I so wish the world could be blessed by many more like him.


To be honest the world is. All we ever hear about are the ass holes in the world. I never hear on the news about a dad like mine. It’s backward.


Your second sentence is false, regardless of prostitutes existing or daughters being sold into slavery. A kidney is the person. Property and money are external.

Money required to fund universal heslthcare belongs to the person whose ailments are being treated with the goods and services purchased with it.


Eh. It is to be expected. Good people don’t make headlines. :smirk:


Ahhh, so you have jumped from person and property to universal health care. Quite the leap.


Huh? I was not attempting to justify UHC on the grounds of person and property.


Explain then? Perhaps I misunderstood your position?


No, seriously. When has the right ever gone to the total extreme liberals have at this point and physically attacked, shot at, ran out of a business or sent hazardous mail to, in the name of “you aren’t on my side” so I’m going to make your life a living hell because you vote differently than I do?



RT… Remember the parable of the tortoise and the hare?


Who says I am?


Yeah, demonizing the Dems shows how much of an argument you have. Zippity doo dah.


Read and weep.


Think again.