One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


When has a democrat nominee been put through something similar?


God I hope we keep the senate for next 6 years under Trump…it’s going to be a hoot when Ginsburg and Breyer gets replaced.

I’m going to laugh so hard I just might pee myself.


Bring it. I look forward to it. There is nothing that will bring this country back to its roots faster than displays of insanity from the left that the democratic party coddles, protects and endorses.


This should surprise no one. Just get the smears out there and let them work despite the lack of corroboration.


I don’t know, has anyone else said the shooter yelled “this is for Healthcare”? At all? From any of the witnesses in the two years since it happened?

And wasn’t the prosecutions own case against the neighbor that it was an ongoing dispute that wasn’t over politics?

Rand Paul is using the attack’s against him, one of which was entirely unrelated to politics, and literally lying about an anecdote on the other, to claim how evil teh libs are. That is deceit, and the fact that someone punched him for reasons entirely unrelated to his politics doesn’t excuse blatant lies.

Unless you’re a Republican wherin Truth doesn’t matter.


Maxine Waters is a nut bag.


R’s need a long term strategy and some backbone. We not only need to win the battle but the war.


They are but have not gone full froth at the mouth yet.


They haven’t? You mean we’re in for much worse?


It’s almost like modern day McCarthyism, without actually locking anyone up. Probably why they’re so pissed Kavanaugh was seated. He would never support such a law.


Lol, I used to take my son with me when we voted. We’d go into the booth and I would let him punch the cards. I always tried to explain on his level and on terms relevant to him at his age why whatever was on the ballot was important. I’d give him the “I voted” sticker.

He is 26 now and I am going to sit with him and review the ballot. We do early voting so it is a great time to open a discussion about the issues at hand. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and create a if, then, what if scenario. A great time to teach critical thinking skills and research of the issues at hand. Most importantly, to teach him that his vote does count and he can make a difference.


I keep thinking about the lack of parenting on this issue. No repercussions for bad behavior so they feel they can run wild without consequence.


That’s the role of his professors to teach em. :wink:


That is a very naive perspective. Do women not carry babies for a fee?

Is there a black market for body parts or is it just all altruistic?


Yes, we know-when conservative or right-leaning dudes do a thing, they acted on their own with no outside influence. When a left-nutter does a thing, OMG LEFT SO VIOLENT!!!


Yes, many of us find both sides equally as repugnant.


Was Merrick Garland selected as a nominee by Trump?


Did he flip a table over? Did the “right” applaud when he did? I think I missed that.


My view is self-evident. Your view—that person and property are equivalent—is laughable. Surrogacy does support your position.


I’ll bet Kavanaugh has a kickass game of Satan’s Quadrangle with ginsburg, sotomayor and kagan.