One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


I don’t know Doug. I think he and his family have been through more than enough.


Rand Paul has been the target of death threats, he was seriously assaulted in his own yard, he happened to be present when a lunatic was shooting Republicans at a baseball field, and THIS is your response?


The point is that BOTH sides have people who go too far, BOTH sides have people who remain silent or fail to condemn, and BOTH sides are equally as culpable for where we’re at right now. All the partisan blubbering about how one side is worse than the other is nothing more than partisan blubbering.

I literally showed that Cruz is no better than the Dems, and that even his opponent doesn’t stand for the nastiness going on. And then you just fallback to “but see, here are more examples, so Democrats are worse.”

This attitude is half the problem. Stop being part of the problem.


So you are going to try and make some sort of equivalence between the two sides in this??


Think about that for a minute.

Examples of when the right has ever ran someone from the left out of a public establishment, shot them on a baseball field, called for constituents to get in their faces and run them out of public arenas.


Found this on another forum.

Too funny.




How many times can I heart this post?


I’m really and truly laughing here. Trying to put the weight of this on Dems? With the idiot president we have who’s been name calling everyone he can touch since the primaries and it’s the Dems’ fault? Come out of the clouds.


Well, that’s kind of silly. What is the beer helmet for, so he can continue to drink while he goes to the bathroom? :wink:


I though you didn’t take anything Trump says seriously. :smirk:




It must be really frustrating. Watching Trump use dem tactics as a republican. Y’all taught him well. Thanks.


Well done.



There would be a melt down of astronomical proportions.



Oh my goodness! I started watching the video. She is so frail! Bless her heart :persevere:


Yeah, she may or may not be ok mentally, but she looks like she’s hurting physically.


I could not agree more. Why DID they get away with it? Did you see the video of the elderly man who went past their blockade and how they beat on his car and ran down the street after him?

These aberrations need to be taught that society won’t put up with this kind of behavior. If the police stood by and did nothing, then the Mayor needs to be sued for allowing destruction of property and endangering a citizen’s life.


I am really fortunate that I live in a very conservative part of Florida. Otherwise, I’d be looking into a concealed carry permit.


LOL, I’m sure not being invited will devastate him. And you’re right. Why wait. Business is business.


Can’t be done, the police are under no obligation to protect life or property.