One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


I actually watched that interview tonight, first I’d heard or seen from her, pretty impressive gal and she’s certainly right on all of her points.

Democrats will of course to deny the mob tactics we can all see and when it does erupt into full blown violence it will be republicans who are declared to be responsible because they elected Trump.

It’s starting to feel a whole lot like 1968-72 again.


You watched what interview?

Oh, and of course anyone who doesn’t think like the left does is fair game for the mob now.

While Kilmeade cooly ignores the jeers, he was effectively trapped in a subway car with two people encouraging random New Yorkers to go after him. To understand the potential safety issue, those who lean left should just substitute two right leaning comedians stalking and heckling Rachel Maddow or Stephanie Ruhle , in a more right leaning town, in a confined public space, encouraging them to insult and jeer at them.


Yep, saw that one too. The painful truth they won’t admit is that these kinds of incidents are now happening all over just like we saw in Portland Last night.


Only reason I know about the Antifa mob in Portland was because someone I follow on Twitter posted the video. Doubt it got much media coverage at all outside of Oregon.


Tucker did a piece on it Tuesday night and of course we saw the video last night.

You won’t see much coverage of such events by the other networks for sure.


That’s right, and some on the left deny bad things are happening because most MSM ignores it.

I’m quite sure the Oregon governor is up for reelection next month… Seems to me the Antifa story would be a big issue. They are taking over Portland (at least the downtown area) and yet it gets almost zero media coverage.


Kinda like how the media basically ignored the meltdown of Chicago when Rhambo was coming up for reelection and allowed them to keep the murder of Laquan MacDonald buried for nearly two years by suppressing the release of the video.

Where was the 24/7 outcry demanding it be released and justice be served?


Well the problem is most media has a partisan agenda. They tell their viewers/readers what they want to hear. What we saw though with the BK nomination was outrageous though, most of the media was actively working with Dems to destroy him.

That’s part of the reason why I think there will be a backlash next month. What happened to BK was outrageous. And it won’t be over if Dems take the House next month. Already some Dems are on record as saying they might impeach him. I hope Cory Booker keeps saying that, because it’s a powerful motivator for conservatives to vote next month.


No, I’ll have to argue the bolded, they tell their viewers what they want them to believe in spite of the facts because they are nothing more than the PR branch of the DNC.

Take a look at the stat’s on the press Trump has been getting since being elected. Even with Fox basically endorsing everything he says and does something like 95% of the press he gets is negative.

Did you hear anything at all in the MSM positive about Kavanaugh during the hearings?

Did you see any of their coverage pointing out the glaring holes in the claims made to trash him? If you did, you heard very little and it was dismissive.


OK well I will agree the media tends to tell them what they want them to believe, but that includes most of them, including Fox. There seems to be very little independent media these days.

And no, I don’t recall hearing anything positive about BK from the MSM. On the contrary, it was hit piece after hit piece. It really was a disgrace.


Consider turning off Fox and right-wing talk radio, then.

And remember, there were prominent right-wing politicians floating the idea of NEVER seating a Hillary nominee were she to win:


So attacking Republican politicians, white house employees, anyone who would like to vocally support a conservative (average voters), politicians’ children/wives, and now members of opposing media is all totally cool.

Wow. Folks like me keep quiet for a reason. Fear. IMO that’s exactly what the left was aiming for, too.


Sadly for them, voting booths are private.


Frankly, if Democrats do take the House I hope they spend a lot of time on investigating and reinvestigating Kavanaugh. They still won’t be able to come up with any corroboration and it will still be an intensive investigation of a teenager from the distant past.
It will make the Dems base happy, and keep Dems busy and away from anything real.


If they do take the house and attempt to re-open the Investigation into Kavanaugh to Impeach him and Trump. They will end up loosing again in 2020.
People will get tired of it again.

I do hope we see another wave of Moderates and GOP come out to stop the Dems from taking the House and Senate.


Wait what? “The Shooter yelled this is for health care”? That seems to have been a rather big detail that wasn’t reported for two years.

Unless he made it up.

And wasn’t the assault by his neighbor over yard lines? As part of a long going feud?

Rand Paul sounds like he’s full of ****.


Attack the victim much?


And they will have set a precedent. We will impeach their justices when the inevitable tide turns.


Believe the victim. It was probably so traumatic that he didn’t mention it for two years. That often happens in traumatic situations, I am told. What, you want to see the therapy notes?


I don’t listen to Fox and right wing radio. So you found ONE instance of a leftist calling out the mob when Cruz and his wife were chased out of a restaurant. ONE, and then condescendingly say I should turn off right wing media.

Well let’s see, in the last two weeks alone we’ve had someone arrested for doxxing senators, Cory Gardner’s wife receiving a threatening text with a video of a beheading, multiple Senators receiving death threats, harassment, intimidation, increased security for Susan Collins and other Rs.

Maybe some should turn off left wing media. Any reports on Antifa taking over downtown Portland?

Would you like some links from Democrats who not only won’t condemn this behavior but actually encourage it?

Here is that link again with Hillary saying they “Can’t be civil” with Rs until the Dems take over Congress again.