One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


Murkowski and Collins on the abortion issue. Collins though has always evaluated SC nominees on their qualifications, so maybe she wouldn’t oppose Barrett. But I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

Anyway, if Rs have at least 54 seats next year it wouldn’t be a problem.


Mormons in WA and OR?


Speaking of Mormons, it just occurred to me that in three month Mitt Romney will be Senator Romney. :grinning:


Washington particularly but there’s quite a few in Easter Oregon as well.


True. Better the senate than the WH.


Yeah, I guess there are more than I realize. Also I was reading that Romney and Bush are going to be fundraising and campaigning for McSally in Arizona. I really, really want her to win.

From polling I’ve seen Ducey is likely going to coast to reelection, so I hope she can ride in on his coat tails.


Hmm, both did well in AZ as I recall so maybe it will help.






We’ll be told they are only tokens.


Forgetting for a second that you have nothing to support this assertion, is the current admin doing anything that prevents them from protesting?


What does that have to with mindless versus mindful. Please tell the class


The premise is completely true they were a non entity during his last three years largely due to the IRS scandal.

As for the rest, it takes time and a whole lot of money to build an organization and even more to rebuild it.

They have never reorganized or been able to raise any significant money since.


Except they are already telling you what they will do to negate that, if they control congress and the Presidency, with sixty in the senate, they’ll pack the court to remedy their problem.


You have absolutely no ability to prove your assertion other than your conclusive statement.

You are correlating the IRS scandal which affected what percentage of all tea party groups? Oh and the tea party scandal was between 2010 and 2012. The tea party groups had organized rallies between 2012 and 2015. They had candadistes that were supported by TP pacs in the 2014 midterms. You entire post is not based on facts.


I have a problem with subjective definitions of terms that may allow the government to restrict rights. Be it the right to privacy, the right to bare arms, or to speak and protest freely.


Yes… so do I. That is exactly why I said we needed an effective definition. You dont want totalitarianism. Neither do I. But also dont want anarchy.


There are already laws on the books that prohibit anarchy in one way or another


Geographically Oregon is a conservative State. Unfortunately Portland Salem and Eugene overwhelm the rest of the state.


I remember reading about that story, I meant to keep up with it, but I didn’t. I’m glad this kid finally had his name cleared, I have little doubt he will be well compensated for this…and deservedly so. I just hope his school and his accusers learn a lesson from this.