One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


I don’t know if anyone from Hawaii participated in this forum or not…

This Hirono woman on her best day was a backbencher in the senate. She got a little time in the spotlight so we could all see who and what she really is…

Hawaii what are you doing that woman is a damned idiot! The race between Senator Shut up Hirono and Senator Spartacus Booker to see who could get to the bottom of the proverbial barrel was fast and ugly but to me Hirono was the winner.

Surely there are better choices to represent Hawaii in the senate than that lunatic!


That’s an understatement!

The word asylum comes to mind!


Well you would think Hawaii could come up with better choices, but then Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell represent WA, DiFi and Harris in CA, and Merkley and Wyden in Oregon, who aren’t quite as crazy. I think the Pacific Coast is lost. I hope you guys feel for those few conservatives like me who are still here.

Cantwell is up for reelection this year, and her debate with her R opponent was shown on TV on one of the channels… at 1 AM. Don’t think she’s in any danger of losing.

To the best of my knowledge, not a single Dem, not even the “sane” ones, have said the attacks on Rs need to stop.


I’m hoping that the phrase “red state Dem Senator” becomes all but extinct next month. That’s the least they deserve.


I don’t remember who brought it up earlier, but found the video of Antifa mobs stopping traffic, harrassing and intimidating motorists who were just trying to go about their daily lives… while the police sat there and did nothing.

Portland has become terrible, but other big cities aren’t far behind. And of course these are places that vote overwhelmingly for Dems, and have had Dems in power for decades. When will people wake up?

Can’t post the video here due to language issues, but it’s not hard to find.


There’s one waiting; Amy Coney Barrett.
I’m afraid that in Kavanaugh’s case, we slaved to gain a worthless treasure. I see another Kennedy, at best and a Souter at worst.


We moved from Oregon to Texas…got here three years ago tomorrow actually…

That means we traded Wyden and that idiot Merkley for Cruz and Cornyn.

That’s called an upgrade!


Yes, a huge, HUGE upgrade. And it looks like left wing hearts will be broken again next month when Beto goes down to defeat.

Then he can concentrate all of his time running for POTUS. :joy:


Portland used to be my favorite place. It could be/should be an absolute jewel…

I hope and pray the people there will wake up before it’s too late…liberal bastion San Francisco has become just a cesspool…

I sure hope Portland isn’t on it’s way to following suit!


I saw it, I was the one that warned him to delete it due to the language.

I hope they do a lot more of the same right up through 2020.


I m afraid when Barrett gets nominated she ll be savaged just as much as Kavanaugh was.


Washington and Oregon are both pretty much throw aways now until you get to the eastern slope.

Unfortunately the leftists have taken over the rest.


That kind of hypocrisy would be epic. I hope Trump gets a chance to nominate here well before the 2020 election.


Seattle is almost as bad. There is no way I would live in any large city, but the west coast ones seem particularly bad. Have visited Portland a few times and agree it’s a beautiful place.

Maybe one day the Pacific Coast will wise up. The last time Rs won those states in a Presidential election was George H W Bush. As of right now, they are way out of reach. But the tide could turn… I just don’t see it happening any time soon.


Anything I predict is usually wrong but Ginsberg is 85…would anyone be surprised if when the Court closes up shop next year she’s not on retirement watch?


If a vacancy opens up. I think Trump will nominate her or another woman, assuming of course that Rs increase their majority. Rs would need at least 54 seats, because they probably wouldn’t get all R votes for Barrett, although they may for other women who have been mentioned, such as Joan Larsen.


I’d almost be surprised if she makes it that far. She’s in terrible shape.


A big part of the problem for Rs, at least in Washington, is it is so hard to get good quality candidates for statewide office. The governor Inslee is a total loon, but he’s probably got the job as long as he wants it.

When you get out of the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett areas the rest of the state is moderate to conservative. But the population overwhelms the rest of the state.

Of course this is true in states like CA as well. The big cities are left wing, the rest of the state is not.


What reason would any republican have for voting against her?


The Mormon’s need more babies and converts to solve that equation.