One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


Conversion my friend.

There is a reason that the top universities in the US were created by Protestants.

Proper education is the only path to Freedom, that is why the Left undermined the Universities first.


Unfortunately most of them have been taken over by the left who no longer even consider “conversation” an option.

Everything other than what they demand must be eliminated from the “free exchange of ideas”.


I expect that you are right. A lot of women will now vote Republican based on the unfairness and hysteria of the whole sorry episode.


Only those already inclined to vote.


You’re probably right … the Ds have been angry since November ‘16 and they show no sign that they will calm down in the next two years. But the Rs will remember this fiasco more than long enough to get through the coming election, particularly if the Ds keep protesting.


The more they protest the more they’ll fire up the opposition so I hope they keep it up.


Yes, I think so. Senate Dems displayed why they deserve to be defeated. Saying BK had to prove his innocence, that supporting him was “complicit in evil” and so on. It was a horrible smear job, the worst I can recall in my life time. Then the media pile on added to it.

I think many conservatives want to punish not only Dems but a media that was mostly in the tank for them, trying to sink the nomination.

No one should be subjected to what BK and his family had to endure.


They showed the country just how low they are willing to go in attempting to destroy a good man and a well respected jurist purely out of revenge and partisan power dynamics.

They are probably going to pay a great price for it in a few weeks and I certainly hope they do.

At least there’s no more pretending on their part and everyone can see it.


How many arrests have there been (not counting counter protesters) at Tea Party protests? How many people were injured? How much property damage has there been? The fact is, Tea Party demonstrations don’t even leave litter in their aftermath.


What’s your problem with that?


The worst of it is Dems refuse to denounce the terrible behavior by some on the left. For example, Dana Bash asked Hirono twice if it is wrong and going to far for leftists to be chasing Rs out of restaurants and so on.

Hirono refused to answer the question, talking about the “unfair process” (which was TOTALLY unfair to BK of course but that’s not what she meant) and finally Bash interrupts and asks the question again.

And again Hirono refuses to answer, giving a word salad answer, mentioning white supremacists and so on.


The next pick should be a conservative constitutionalist woman.


That would be great. In the meantime, BK is the first Justice to have hired all female clerks.

Also, some Dems are openly admitting they might impeach BK if they take Congress. The Senate looks impossible for them, but the House isn’t. It would be insane for them to do this even if they do take the Senate, because they would never get 2/3 to agree. But Dems aren’t exactly known for being sane these days.


One never knows. She looks as bad as Steven Hawking did, but then look how long he lived beyond expectations.


They generally left the venues where they had their events cleaner than they found them.


I saw that. Nothing more difficult for a dem than denouncing their own.

The one thing they’ve had over republicans for decades is that they pretty well refuse to eat their own.

The only real exception to that over the last few decades came with the advent of the me too movement where they were willing to throw a few of their own under the bus to justify going after Trump for being a boorish ass.

Even then though it was only when the evidence was overwhelming against people like their favorite Hollywood Hero/Bundler.


What you say is all true. However, as far as the Me Too movement is concerned, they aren’t quite ready to throw Bill under the bus. The reason I say this is because he and Hillary will soon be launching a North American tour, visiting not only several US cities but Canada too. Their arrogance and refusal to just go away never ceases to amaze me. Of course, people have to pay to see them, just adding more to the millions they have already earned.

So Bill still gets lots of love from the left, even though he’s a credibly accused rapist and serial adulterer.

One of the good things the BK fiasco has done is really unite the party. And I mean that with Trump supporters, anti Trump conservatives, and the establishment. The Dems really succeeded in uniting a divided party. We just had to stand for decency and against the outraged mobs.

You mentioned earlier about the impact Trump’s appointments to the lower courts will have. This really is not mentioned much at all, but it’s really even more significant than the SC. Lower courts make a lot of decisions that never reach the SC. So the impact will be felt for decades. That is a big win for conservatives, and something even those of us who opposed Trump will agree on. The Heritage Foundation gave him a great list and he followed it. There was the odd exception, but for the most part what I’ve been hearing is the choices have been excellent, and Cocaine Mitch has been getting them through.

Now all we need to do is increase the number of Senate seats and either hold the house or at least keep loses to a minimum. And there is no telling how some may react to that.


Let bill run for office again and see how quickly they denounce him. Many I’ve seen interviewed already have/are or are at least stating publicly the party needs to reevaluate him in light of the movement and it’s goals.

Hillary, his serial enabler of course still gets a pass simply because she’s a woman and a democrat.


They still have their fans though, they will be visiting 13 cities, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. I guess they are needing more money.

Even aside from Me Too, I would think people would want to move on. I mean Hillary couldn’t even defeat Donald Trump.

Anyway, it’s just another example of the hypocrisy of some on the left. Some of the same people who called BK a rapist without any evidence will probably show up to hear Hillary and Bill.


There’s a whole lot of democrats who will never be able to let go.

When they are finally gone the wailing and handwriting is going to take us right back to 1963.