One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


I do have to give her credit for that and did above when someone posted the video.


Hey I’m a west coaster. :joy:

It does feel quite lonely here politically some times though. I’m forced to cheer on conservative victories elsewhere, and will be very happy when your state rejects Beto next month.


Yeah, it made me think that she probably wasn’t the only Justice who was watching in horror at what was done to BK.


We need a west coast port. We keep the new State of Jefferson.


San Diego would be happy to stay with us.


That, and Jefferson would be awesome. However the Kalifornicators would want to take SD. They think backward and today, not ahead.


They’d have a hard time taking, much less keeping it.

We can just put a lane through like we used to have through East Germany to Berlin so they can still enjoy their open border.


I’ve been looking around at different polls and came across this one from WV. It’s two weeks old so a bit dated, but it shows Manchin with just a 4 point lead. Voters indicated they wanted BK confirmed, and although Manchin did so, it was at the last second, which smells of craven political opportunism.

Don’t know how accurate this poll is, but an encouraging sign in any case.


Doubtful and I suspect they all shared the same reaction.


The latest polls have him coming up a bit I think after the Kavanaugh vote. I think he knew he was going to go down otherwise.


My favorite video, maybe of the decade…


Nails on a chalkboard.


He deserved to go down anyway. By waiting until Collins announced her intentions and his vote no longer mattered, it was not a principled vote. Can’t prove it of course, but I believe if she had been no he would have as well.

He did vote for Gorsuch, but again his vote did not matter. And his R opponent needs to remind people in every speech who Manchin caucuses with. Manchin does vote with Rs some of the time, but a vote for him is a vote for Schumer as majority leader.

I’ve got nothing against him personally, in fact he seems to be one of the few Dems who hasn’t lost his mind. But I hope he’s defeated.


Official welcome to the Starboard side of this ship of state.

Steel yourself, it gets worse before it ever gets better.


Her seat was probably far more in jeopardy from a no vote than it will be due to a yes vote. It’s not like the yes vote is going to actually cost her any votes and if it does I strongly suspect she’s going to pick up far more from republicans and independents that don’t appreciate her constantly joining with dem’s on important votes.


Careful, that island may tip over.


Who do you mean here? Collins?


Yep… More.


In Hunting, Shooting, Conserving, and Believing, we must recruit.

There is no alternative.


“Go forth and populate the earth”.

Unfortunately as we get more wealthy as a nation, particularly with conservatives the birth rate drops off.

We need to start importing them I guess, it’s sure worked for the dem’s.