One and only Kavanaugh Hearings Thread (Part II)


Seems there is a 10k post limit!

Original: One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread


Why do I like Brett more now?
There needs to be a thorough investigation, regardless of the vote
If Democrat Care About Mrs. Ford?
Who is Ricki Seidman?, Who is Debra Katz?, Who is Brian Fallon? Who is George Soros? Who Is Blaseley Ford? and what do they have in common?
Here's a novel idea, Lets make a deal
I think Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar
Public must be barred from Senate/Congress
Automatically Guilty!
Pro worker trump supporters - Kav is
The magnificent Sen. Susan Collins
The evolution of the police state
Did they not realize?
An examination of Ford’s account of the alleged assault
Which Lie? Passing or Blacking Out?

She did escape the bedroom. She knows there are people downstairs, and by her own testimony she was trying to scream for help because she was about to be raped or killed.

She’s now free. Why no screaming??


Ever think there might be a good reason for that?



I failed


The 10k limit? Probably :smile:


You could have at the very least finally fixed his name in the title.


Whew! I held my breath for that entire time. I can go exactly 73 seconds until things get fuzzy.


Do you have an opinion?


What happens at Kavanaugh’s parties stays at Kavanaugh’s parties, because he was probably too drunk to remember, and you probably got drugged.


You speak for all those women?


This whole thing was just a political show today. Will the committee care when half the country loses its mind when they vote…and he’s confirmed along party lines.



Good question. Maybe it’s a party full of rapists. Maybe she’s afraid. Maybe she just wants to get out of there.

Maybe she made up her story, and you found her fatal error.





Exactly. The only real drama at this point is what the long-term political consequences will be for both sides as a result of the confirmation.


I literally made my post on my laptop and saw your reply a minute later on my iphone, even though there was no reason for me to switch.

I feel indicted.


You’ve been BOOOFED!


By 10k posts which is arguably arbitrary, people arent having a discussion anymore they are just mindlessly repeating the same thing over and over.


He lied under oath about devils triangle and boofing.

And no one cares.


Wuh oh…someone don’t tell Trump he might take it seriously