One and Only Chauvin-Floyd Murder Trial Thread

I think ‘feeling’ pressure and being pressured by ‘the public’ are different things, especially in the context you provided, where we can’t tell if the jurors preferred the prosecution’s case or this strange, supposedly active ‘pressure’.

What do you think judicial officials should do to prevent jurors from being aware of current events?

Probably. But if they are expecting REALLY bad things from this verdict, they gonna need more than an hour to get things ready.

Don’t recall saying they should do anything. Merely pointing out they all knew it was the highest profile case around and that a lot of people were going to get violent if they acquitted.

Trump wouldn’t have been President if not for Twitter. /hottake

What a stupid, ■■■■■■ narrative already coalescing, that Chauvin (even if at material fault for the cause of Floyd’s death) is really going to the clink because of the sentiments of the crowd.

So ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Looks like the jury didn’t even come back with any questions. They had their minds made up.

Chauvin didn’t help himself, posing for the camera for nine damnable minutes.

Anyone that saw that video, should have come to the same conclusion. He killed that man.


No doubt its on their minds with Maxine waters organizing looters and arsonists such as blm

There it is.

And thats the thing…How many times have the cops got away with this crap?

I’m sure you have links to back that claim up…

If sent away. how long before we start hearing “political prisoner” from the talking heads?

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The jurors have been sequestered and don’t have any idea what crazy Maxine said.


This narrative is becoming the dominant strain throughout the grievance-sphere.

Maxine waters calling for violence? Really? Maybe get your head out of the sand

Did she? She said be confrontational…Confrontational doesn’t mean violent.

From the clever ones? Never. The tape makes murder clear.

No, the clever ones are already ginning up ‘we’ll never know if the jury wasn’t afraid of beeyellem’.

I’d wager on a conviction, top count.