Once You Go Socialism, You Never Go Back!

This is a Hypothetic Question. If one day the Democrat Politicians, and Liberal Media can get America to become a Socialist country, would it ever go back to being a Capitalist country again? Or would it always stay, a Socialist country?

Most Democrat voters don’t seem to want a Socialist America, and yet the Democrat Politicians keep trying to force it upon Americans. Why?

Americans seem to forget, that if they allow Democrat Politicians to cross a certain line towards their way of politics in America, there is no coming back from it, and no going back towards the other side of the spectrum Politically!

There was a saying I heard about Abortion once.

It goes; Notice all of the people who are against Abortion are alive?

Well, I’d say that sort of thinking can be applied to a lot of Conservative logic towards Liberals in general.

For Example; Notice that all of the Rich Billionaire Liberals in this country, such as George Soros, and Jeffrey Bezzos(the owner of Amazon), didn’t get rich off of Socialism. They got rich off of Capitalism.

Funny how that works out, hu?

They are fully aware that liberals control the MSM and can put forth a powerful narrative against any who oppose them. Also most tend to be socially liberal.

cough Social Security

You actually can walk back from socialism, as is happening at this very moment in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s leadership, impressed with both the failure of socialism and the poverty of their nation, made just such a switch in the late 80’s and have been walking back from socialism ever since.

It is a necessarily slow process as you cannot quickly wean all the pigs off the giant teats.

But to their credit, Vietnam is steadily moving away from the failures of socialism.

And while they will obviously never CALL it capitalism out loud, the successes of Vietnam’s first female billionaire and other millionaires and billionaires in Vietnam and their business start ups presents a bright and vibrant contrast to the morass of the dogmatic socialist years.

Seriously what part of country are all you Trump supporters who post on here from? Where ever it is I really need to send them a letter and teach Social Studies more in your area. Because no of you seem to not know what the word Socialism is. Please read a book instead of letting your knowledge only come from right wing talk heads in the media that have spent last 40 years trying to keep their viewers uneducated.


Worse case scenario for someone like you is that if its bad enough the country might fall apart and become capitalist again like Russia.
Of course, if done correctly, we won’t want to go back to capitalism, but I know you’re assuming the worst.

They aren’t really. Even the few who call themselves Democratic Socialists are running on a platform more accurately described social democracy… e.g. market-based capitalist mixed economy with strong social safety net and other social services. Actual socialists want to actually replace our capitalist system with socialism.

Actually, that misunderstanding likely applies to the vast majority of the population and clearly crosses party lines, except perhaps for that segment such as Sanders supporters (Sanders being a self declared Socialist) and AOC supporters (AOC being a member of a declared Socialist organization) and even then, many of their supporters still probably can’t properly define socialism.

And Democrats are equally prone to confirmation bias as a Republicans. They look for sources that confirm their already held views. That is a basic widespread human trait. Many people are fundamentally lazy and both the Republican and Democrat bases depend on their chosen outlets to give them their opinions.

In both cases, their opinions are given to them by their favored outlets.

Just in case it is not clear, I am not a Trump supporter, never have been, never will be.

What Is Your Understanding of the Term “Socialism”?

2018 1949
Sep 4-12 Sep 3-8
% %
Equality - equal standing for everybody, all equal in rights, equal in distribution 23 12
Government ownership or control, government ownership of utilities, everything controlled by the government, state control of business 17 34
Benefits and services - social services free, medicine for all 10 2
Modified communism, communism 6 6
Talking to people, being social, social media, getting along with people 6
Restriction of freedom - people told what to do 3 1
Liberal government - reform government, liberalism in politics 2 1
Cooperative plan 1 1
Derogatory opinions (non-specific) 6 2
Other 8 7
No opinion 23 36

This is the stupidest, most mind-rotted-out thing I’ve ever seen said on this board.

I’ve been saying this exact thing and now Gallup has my back.

That’s because liberals are capitalists, not socialists.