Once again two teir justice system

Apparently Robert Mueller wants to give Tony Podesta immunity for doing what Paul Manafort done to testify against him.

And you wonder why American people have lost all faith in CoJ and FBI?

Its called turning state witness.

You’re not kidding anyone. You lost faith in the DOJ and FBI the very second Trump told you they were against him. You never commented about “weaponization” until it became a popular Trump talking point.

I think you’re just lashing out because you’re slowly realizing all that ■■■■ you spouted about the forgotten man doesn’t mean a damn thing to Trump. He’d just as soon ■■■■ on you than shake your hand. Trump cares about one thing and one thing only: himself. Now you’re mad because someone flipped and is willing to tell their story? lol.


This is what you sold yourself to Donald for, after all.

Revel in it.

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Then why are you making it so personal?

Oh wait…I know.

It was the Clinton campaign that colluded with Russians to damage their opposition.

Mueller needs to arrested.

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Op wanted it all to burn down. He said over and over again that he didn’t support Donald, but then said he did for “nefarious” reason, which he never could really explain. I hope he revels in the fact that his hero is not blatantly opposed to handing US citizens and public servants to a dictator for questioning. Right outta the paeloconservative playbook…bwaaaahhhhaaaaaahaaaa!

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Don’t cry lib. Someday your ship will come in…someday.

Are you kidding? Your narrative during the election was entirely personal. How wounded YOU were by your perceived political enemies, how much YOU were entitled to and craved vengeance, how gleeful it made YOU to see Donald’s regime installed. And now you’re scared and angry of what might happen to YOU if Donald is defeated.


He’s not.

You may win the house back…but you’re not going to win the senate.

And what will libs do with the house. They will do everything they can to sabotage American people…and then Trump wins in 2020 bringing in a new congress with him.

One that aren’t suckers for democrats.

That’s if you take the house.

Cling to that.

proof??? I will wait.

Just like Republican did when they won it back in 2010?

You think Dem will never win back the House/Senate/White House?

Not unless American people are prepared for Venezuela style socialism…where American people can go eat dirt.

Because that’s where libs want to take this country.

Its going to happen, better get the bunker ready comrade.

This is another example of corruption with in the top levels of government. Don’t ■■■■■■■ tell me there’s no such thing as the deep state. Open your eyes people…oops…there it is.

Didn’t they give immunity to a bunch of women in the Clinton Cabal during the email investigation?

I thought unnamed sources were fake news.

I bet manafort was offered the same deal to testify against trump. Or will be soon,

Didn’t they also give it to Papadopolous and Cohen?