Once again libs are using FBI as a political weapon


Damn, you are gullible.


maybe…but if she wanted to use this, now is not the time to release it.


Good thing nobody did that to Obama.


You guys are making my point for me.



What point is that?




Apparently the point is that Donald Trump should never have been elected.


So, about that…


I don’t need to RE-THINK my attitude. I Support Victims and always have. I am just pointing out that lately we have had a lot more Victims placing FALSE claims on Sexual Harassment.
This has nothing to do with actual Sexual Assault or Harassment and you know it.

So if the Democrats thought this was IRRELEVANT AS you CLAIM. Why did they Release it NOW and send it to the FBI I call B.S. on your claim they felt it was irrelevant. Its more they can’t PROVE it was him who actually did it.
So it was used ONLY to try to SMEAR him because he really can’t defend against a claim of something that happened in the 80’s when he was 17 now. except say it wasn’t me.
So it is a HE said SHE said and in your VIEW We must believe the VICTIM first, and that is exactly what the Dems were counting on. Its Disgusting they pulled this now because if they really believed he did it. They should have questioned him during the hearings


What libs haven’t realized they abuse all victims with their shenanigans.


I wont be satisfied until all Trump voters are sent to Manhattan island which has been subsequently converted to a giant maximum security prison.


Double standards.


I don’t believe that liberals have ‘weaponized’ the FBI. The FBI has been a conservative leaning institution.


my post had nothing to do with political party.

Your attitude leads to more victims not reporting abuses against them. This post supports that reality. It you care about victims of sexual abuse pease rethink the way you think about and talk about them.


I don’t have to rethink anything you can keep TWISTING and making ASSumptions about how I think about Victims of Sexual Abuse. The problem is your making Judgements on ME with out KNOWING JACK ■■■■ about me or anyone I know who were victims of Sexual Assaults and Abuse.
I was made an Observation that on this “Sexual Assault” that its ODD that the Democrats didn’t bring it up in the Hearings because you know that they can’t be positive it was HIM they obviously didn’t Believe the woman’s claim either or they would have questioned him about it when they could.

You KNOW that this is being used to try to Tarnish the Judge because of your view ALWAYS believe the VICTIM and never question if they are telling the Truth or picking the correct person.


It’s not true that I know nothing about you. I know your postings. And they lead me to an opinion about you and your attitude toward abuse victims.

If you don’t like the conclusions people draw based on your posting, perhaps rethink your postings. Instead of course you attack those who render an opinion.


I was thinking of what to post. Thanks.


No it’s not. They all come out of Ivy League schools.

It is a Big Government institution. And not leaning. They believe we are stupid cattle.


Better tell Hildawg


Brett Kavanaugh is a suck up right wing hack and I want him nowhere near the Supreme Court.

But Bringing up something like this from his high school days to try and delay the hearing doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not sure what else Feinstein could do, seeing as how she was given the info…I dunno. I don’t have much to offer here, just wanted to put 2 cents in.

Kavanaugh will be seated. I don’t see this as anything close to “weaponizing” the fbi, but I also don’t think it lends much credibility to those who share my distaste for him as a judge.