Once again libs are using FBI as a political weapon


Why wasn’t the grammar in the post to which this was the response warrant laughter?

The word should have been “repercussions” not “repercussion.” Why didn’t that cause laughter enough to respond?


Or why didn’t the grammatical and usage errors by WildRose that I spotted tonight bother him?

Why isn’t he complaining to himself?


Like I said earlier:


Knowingly making a false report can be a crime. Are you suggesting you have evidence that was the case here?


My keyboard is broken, at least half the time when I hit the cap button it fails to do so and i’m too tired to care.


So…the FBI shouldn’t investigate? Is that your position?


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My keyboard is broken, at least half the time when I hit the cap button it fails to do so and i’m too tired to care.

Always someone or something else’s fault, eh?


How about the breaking news that Lisa Page was a Bill Clinton Intern! Thus making the Strzok-Page texts even more damning. LOL I thought all the MSM said that Page was a non biased person! HAHA! Lies!


The topic is “Once again libs are using FBI as a political weapon”
Stay on topic, address post not poster, quit the back and forth nonsense that has nothing to do with this thread.


I stopped reading right there.


Pretty serious allegation if true.


Yes SO serious she didn’t call the police at the time. Nor did at anytime while she was in therapy for the issue.

Also why didn’t the Democrats put this out during the hearings?
The hearings were not done in July they were done what Last week, Beginning of September.

Not blaming the victim here but something doesn’t smell correct that the Democrats “Had” this information since July and didn’t ask him about the situation during the hearings could it be they were unable to confirm it was actually him that did it?


This is blaming the victim. And an example of why women don’t come out against their attackers.


Reflect on the time in which this happened. Unfortunately, this kind of think happened to a lot of girls and as we can see…it’s so much like the Islamic belief that if you don’t scream and let those around hear you, you are the guilty one.


Yea maybe it is. But we need to really stop always believing the victim. Since we have seen so called victims Lying about what happened or picking the wrong person.
How do you expect to investigate this allegation that took place in the 80’s please enlighten us with the procedures that the police should go thru to investigate if this was really him. So this is just specifically to ruin his reputation on an accusation that he can not DEFEND agains.

Again The Democrats knew about it since JULY why did they not bring it up to question him about it?


I have been predicting things would get to this: eventually we will be digging into people’s lives back into their childhood, looking for someone to make accusations and innuendos to smear an opponent.

I don’t care who the accuser is, nor who the accused is. When we have an unnamed accuser making unverifiable accusations about something someone allegedly did in high school 40 years ago, it should be dismissed summarily.

We’ve gotten to the point that mere accusation is all it takes to leverage the media to destroy a person.

People should be aghast at this, not cheering it on.


What’s your excuse for the spelling?


I wonder why reading a “replay” was so funny.


In fairness, Feinstein told the Ds that she considered the issue too far in the past and urged everyone not to use it in the process. She passed on the allegation to the FBI because rape is a serious matter, but she did not want to make hay of it.

Also, re: your concerns…next thing you know, people will be challenging the validity of birth certificates and presidential nominees will lie about sending private investigations to look into it. And talk show hosts, and entire networks will devote hours and hours to discussing it over and over again.


Your way of thinking is EXACTLY WHY victims don’t step forward, especially when they are young. They are afraid of not being believed, and afraid of the stigma attached and fall out associated with being victim.

Please, rethink your post and your attitude toward victims of sexual hasrrasment. It’s completely wrong and leads to victims remaining in teh shadows.

Also, the D’s didn’t bring it up earlier because they do not believe it’s relevant.