Once again libs are using FBI as a political weapon

Not sure how true this story is but apparently democrats have something on Kavanaugh but they referred it to FBI to investigate.

Seems like a woman came forward with something.

Sex scandal?

Or is FBI being used once again as a plitical weapon.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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The woman who is the subject of the letter is now being represented by Debra Katz, a whistleblower attorney who works with #MeToo survivors. Joseph Abboud, an attorney at Katz’s firm, said that the firm was declining to comment. Emma Crisci, a spokesperson for Eshoo, declined to comment on the letter her office sent to Feinstein, saying that the office has a confidentiality policy when it comes to constituent casework. A spokesperson for Feinstein did not respond to requests for comment.

Why now? Are they using women as a political weapon…which we all know they have long history of doing.

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Yeah i just posted this in the Kavanaugh thread

The FBI is the investigative body soooo and if you don’t want it politicized you need to dig up Mr Hoover


I think this tactic is either going to backfire or not help at all. Though there is Judge Moore as precedent

From his days in high school.

Well I believe that girl that accused Moore…but this is extremely fishy. No pun intended.

FBI should realize they are being used once again as a political weapon…and so are the women.

We get it. Anything the democrats pass to the FBI is bad.

EST your peas con.

If the FBI continue allowing themselves to be used as a political weapon…then they deserve ridiculing and backlash they receive from their actions.

This tells me their is still plenty of democrat operators within FBI.

How is the “allowing” themselves to be used as a political weapon?

So you have no idea what’s been passed on to them, no idea how they’re dealing with it, but based on your “if” alone, and without any actual evidence, you’ve determined there are “still plenty of democrat operators within the FBI.”


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“Not sure the story is true, but since it’s totally true, FBI is lib wepn.”


You have no idea of the details of what was passed on, but you’ve already come to a conclusion. Based on no information. Sounds right for a republican.

FBI already washed their hands of it. No idea how Feinstein imagined it was in their jurisdiction to begin with.

If they actually had anythign it would have been immediately forwarded to the FBI. This is nothing but a demonstration of desperation because they have nothing else to derail his nomination.

He will now be treated like Thomas in revenge to smear him permanently since they can’t stop his nomination.

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Feinstein said. “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.

BuzzFeed News contacted the woman believed to be the subject of the letter at her home last week. She declined to comment.

Political “honor” is an oxymoron.

What really bugs me is that the “Woman” was in Highschool and so was he. The worse thing they could get on the judge was something from Highschool that the woman herself will not talk about once she was contacted?
I am sure plenty of people have done things in Highschool that they regret.

I think Shapiro wrote it best

I have received information concerning Dianne Feinstein. I will not inform you of the nature of this information, the source of the information, or pretty much anything about it. Suffice it to say she eats small children

This is just a sad way to try to stall and deflect. But shows how low Feinstein is as a politician, and she complains about Trump?


Ok you just failed Freshman English.

How is the “allowing” themselves to be used as a political weapon?

Try again, what’s missing?

There should be repercussion on reporting bogus crimes/claims to FBI.

Making a false report is a crime. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Sessions to do anything about it though.

Uh, there are. The world is more in line with your worldview than you thought.