On the Issues: where do you stand today

This was done from time to time on the old board, but all of those threads are gone, so…let’s get a little idea where you might stand on political issues. According to the latest quiz at http://www.ontheissues.org/quizeng/XPolitics/start.asp , I am a moderate Libertarian, with a personal (social) score of 66% and economic score of 75%.

Where do you stand?

I’m going to give those people my email address? You’ve got to be kidding.

That’s one but first question was do you believe in woman right to abortion.

When the question should be do you want to give goverment that power?

And thus the problem…they’re distorting entire political philosophy.

See this button?

No email address.

Moderate Conservative, with Personal score being 32%, and Economic score being 78%.

My score.



This doesn’t really surprise me. Neither party gets all my beliefs right, and for the moment, I’m forced into voting for the side that isn’t completely insane.

As soon as I went to the website, that was the first thing I saw and thought too. No way.

Can you expand on this? I’m interested to know what you mean by “give government that power” exactly.

Both Trumpsters, both fail to read.

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Labels are stupid. I am me, in spite of you. :slight_smile:

Ok then. It says I’m a moderate populist conservative. I agree.

Wow, you got it exactly in the middle.

Thanks…you were right.

Political Map

No real change, populist leaning conservative.


Nice quiz. I prefer when they have really offensive questions in there to stress test the beliefs of the participant though.

What do you mean by offensive questions?

I must say…I did not expect that.

Here’s me on the Political Compass, https://www.politicalcompass.org/ which I think was another popular one on the old board.


Libertarian Leaning Liberal, I guess sums me up? I’ve never been the biggest fans of these quizzes, never nuanced enough.