ON THE BRINK: Venezuela’s Maduro Says President Trump is ‘OUT TO KILL’ Him | Sean Hannity

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro escalated his war-of-words with the Trump administration Friday; directly accusing the White House of organizing multiple assassination attempts against the socialist leader.

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If the President wanted you would be dead already and your own people are trying to kill you. Socialism at its finest how’s that working out for Venezuela not to good it is great example of how true socialism does not work unfortunately our youth believe that they didn’t do it right they have been so indoctrinated to believe that it can work if it’s done right and even though history shows time after time it never has succeeded sooner or later you will run out of other people’s money

Guess he doesn’t want to believe that the people he is starving to death don’t love him and would rather kill him instead.

Corrections: Hey Burnie/ Hillary / ANTIFA / Marxist, Bolsheviks, we have found your paradise; it is Venezuela! They, Maduro, needs your ‘wise’ input, now! You have a lot in common with them, their government. They hate President Trump too! They hate America, they Love Obamas, hate Capitalist pigs too; like I said it is a Marxist paradise, you do not even have to destroy it first! How excelling, your ideology is already in place! Move there now, bring food, and your ‘amazing Demoncratic insight’, but they also need your ‘work ethic’. As for demonstrations, it is the land of opportunity. It is everything your useful idiots brainwashed mass media victims hope even want! Plan your trip now, Che Guevara followers they need you too…start a go fund me account I bet MANY of us that like America would chip in to help you get there. Oh take Hillary et,al. with you, please.

In Maduro’s mind everyone is out to kill him. And he is right.