ON THE BRINK: Venezuela’s Guaido Issues Call for ‘GENERAL STRIKE’ to Oust Maduro Regime

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/on-the-brink-venezuelas-guaido-issues-call-for-general-strike-to-oust-maduro-regime/

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a “general strike” throughout the country Thursday; days after tens of thousands marched against Nicolas Maduro’s brutal socialist regime.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is hoping public employees stage strikes on Thursday to put pressure on embattled President Nicolas Maduro – a day after clashes between his forces and anti-government protesters left one woman dead and dozens injured,” reports Fox News.

“Guaidó’s push for a general strike and for Venezuelans to remain in the streets – which was met with cheers Wednesday by a crowd of thousands that had gathered to hear him speak in Caracas – are his latest moves in a fledgling attempt to unseat Maduro from power,” adds the author.

Maduro has so far endured Guaido’s move to oust his regime; saying his socialist revolution will continue despite pressure from the “Gringo Empire” based in Washington, DC.

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