ON THE BRINK: Starving Venezuelans Resort to ‘Grave Robbing’ for Jewelry, 'Gold Teeth' as Inflation Soars

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/on-the-brink-starving-venezuelans-resort-to-grave-robbing-for-jewelry-gold-teeth-as-inflation-soars/

Starving Venezuelans have reportedly resorted to ‘grave robbing’ in recent weeks; combing cemeteries and church yards for jewelry and “gold teeth” as runaway inflation has rendered the country’s currency virtually worthless.

According to the BBC, relatives are guarding the final resting places of relatives across the country to fend-off would-be robbers as food supplies dwindle throughout Venezuela.

“I come here every week, or every two weeks. I keep watch. I worry I’ll arrive one day and she’ll be gone,” said one man referring to his deceased wife. “When I buried her, you could just walk in here. but lately you can barely reach her grave, because every tomb has been opened and the remains taken out.”

“This is a lawless land, there is no respect for anything here,” he added. “God will punish those people that are doing this.”