ON THE BRINK: Paris Suburb Struggles with Over 300,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS | Sean Hannity

A popular French suburb on the outskirts of Paris is struggling to cope with the strain of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants; begging the national government for help as countless more settle down each week.

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It would benefit Europe to find a solution other than allowing refugees to enter their country. But they won’t do that, they are more interested in a “One World Order” so all of Europe is going to have this problem. Then they’ll expect the United States to fix the mess they created.

__Agree! But there are dastardly people funding and causing this massive migration. These are NOT ‘REFUGEES.’ 300,000 people from some of these countries are NOT REFUGEES. They didn’t all SUDDENLY have to flee their countries, any more than these caravan people did. It’s all part of this nefarious OWO scheme. I understand we are now hosting 33 M I L L I O N ILLEGAL ALIENS and that the lower figure they kept using was from 15 years ago! Then we send billions of $$$ in AID to most of these countries, while at the same time SUPPORTING half their dam population right here! Let’s stop the AID and we could easily pay off the national debt! With the democrats’ treasonous help, they are making US part of this OWO whether we are willing or not! And our stupid, stinking govt, except for Our President, are complicit and should all be tried for treason–but who is going to do it? Seems to me that only We the (decent) People are left and it will actually take a Civil War II.