ON THE BRINK: Macron May Face ‘No Confidence’ Vote After Paris Riots

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/on-the-brink-macron-may-face-no-confidence-vote-after-paris-riots/

The political future of French President Emmanuel Macron hung in the balance Thursday, with lawmakers considering a vote of ‘no confidence’ that could ultimately lead to the leader’s removal after his botched “climate tax” was officially abandoned.

“The Socialist Party, far-left Defiant France and the Communist Party are setting aside their divisions and promising to submit the request to the lower house of parliament, or National Assembly, on Monday. The assembly would hold a no-confidence motion within 48 hours of the request,” writes Fox News.

The legislators would likely need support from Macron’s centrist party to unseat the French president.

Macron abruptly pulled-the-plug on his “fuel tax” Wednesday after weeks of violent demonstrations throughout the country; with gas prices skyrocketing and supplies dwindling across France.

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