On Tarriffs With Canada “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?”

Oh for the love of God.

Now _that’s_funny

Is it me, or has Trump been more hostile to–and plans to place more tariffs on–US allies like Canada than on the big, bad villain of his campaign, China?

I have no problem believing Trump said this. He’s that stupid.

That being said, how could anyone know what was said in a private conversation with Trudeau?

Oh, and Trudeau is also dumb enough that perhaps he apologized for something his country didn’t even do.

Little known historical facts by our beloved leader.

It must be true.

A Doris Kearns Goodwin, he ain’t


libs making fools of themselves. Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of Canada. One of her predecessors was King during the war of 1812. Canada was a British colony at that time.

Trump was right … again.

libs overreach

you’re cool with THAT being trump’s justification for an economic policy decision in 2018? for real? you’re worried that Canada is going to burn down the White House again? because that’s apparently all trump has got.

well that is reasonable response

England was the country whose soldiers burnt down the White House.

Canada was a English colony at the time.

So was India.

Trump didn’t say Indians burned down the White House.


sure buddy

well, that speaks volumes in a number of ways

So what? Must be a slow day if that’s all you people can find to get mad about today. :rofl:

This is so funny! It’s like my dad became president! They’re really two peas in a pod!

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Even if Canada did do it, isn’t it insane logic to use an event more than 200 years old to justify actions today?

No, it isn’t insane. All that matters is he wins the argument.

how long till the Maine is brought up again one has to ask?


Let’s see. A President working diligently to strengthen relationships with the likes of Russia, China, and Turkey. A President who has been basically openly hostile to long-time allies like England, Canada, Germany, and Mexico. Oh, and Australia. And France. Hmmmm. It certainly doesn’t leave any guesswork for the type of countries he finds more attractive.

Here’s the story from a Canadian point of view. He’s definitely not amused. And apparently Justin Trudeau leaked this to Jim Acosta of CNN of all people. :blush:

I can’t underscore this enough, leaking an embarrassing story about the president that you are negotiating a trade deal with is stupid. Especially a president often described as having a thin skin when it comes to his public image.

But leaking that embarrassing story to the reporter and network he hates the most is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have seen this, or any government, do.

Canada is trying to deal with tariffs brought about by the Trump administration. We are about to host Trump as part of the G7. Why on earth would Trudeau’s team leak details of a phone call to CNN’s Jim Acosta.


So I guess Justin did know it wasn’t Canadians who burned down the WH.

I give up!!


Yeah, and talking about events that ocurred in 1812 will help him win.