On August 1, 1988 — America Changed Forever…

I found the clip and watch for 2 minutes. That was great!

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We’re Trump your quintessential ac-tor he’d be in bed with the rest of your Hollystrange heroes. Grandmother also.

Which he ain’t. Try again.

I thought no one here listened to Rush.

So why are we celebrating him again?

You are excused. Your rant translated reads: Before Rush as long as everyone agreed with the dems (like they had any choice in the matter) everything was cool.

Dittos sweetie.

I listen every chance I get. I was excited when he came on the air. I was thinking finally we have some one on the air that thinks like myself and many many others! :+1:

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You have typed some of your response into LouC’s quote, might want to change that.

So the next time people here parrot something Rush says word for word, and when questioned upon it reply “I didn’t know that. I haven’t listened to Rush in years”, the odds are good they’re telling a little white lie?

Thanks for confirming that!

Confirming what? I told you my take on Limbaugh. You can’t honestly use that to broad brush all other posters.

Honest question - I am assuming you have followed Rush for years on the radio going back to Clinton up through today. Do you feel that his message has changed since he first came on or do you think it has remained consistent?

Sure I can.

A) That’s what we so on these boards.
B). Given all the ppl here celebrating Rush,I can make an intuitive guess that more people here listened to Rush regularly than they care to admit

As I said you can’t honestly broad brush that way.

Sure I can. Point B.

Not honestly you can’t.

Rush is very talented but the above sums it up very well.

Your translator is broken. It’s stuck on “deflect to the other side of the aisle” mode.

You don’t need to listen to him at all much less regularly to appreciate the accomplishment and offer congrats.

I haven’t been a regular listener in over a decade.