On August 1, 1988 — America Changed Forever…


On August 1, 1988 not only America changed…Rush changed the whole world!

Today Rush begins his thirtieth year of booming out conservative opinion to America and the world. Before Rush democrats controlled the entire universe. Republican pol’s notions of a good day was just getting along with dems. Now Rush puts republicans on notice daily that just getting along is not enough. Sometimes they even listen…and when they don’t… it is to their peril.

Before 1988 there were the big three: ABC, CBS, NBC. Plus CNN which slunk onto the scene in 1980. For a time CNN was even a bit of a counter to the other three. The Big Three newscasts were carbon copies. Near word for word minute by minute. And yet, in the main they all agreed on everything and they were the ONLY sources for news.

After Rush found success dems attempted to counter with their own radio talk yakkers. Sometimes unions even bought radio stations so as to guarantee their rancidness would catch air. However, it didn’t take long before all of their efforts failed.

Rush destroyed his counter competition.Well, he had a little help from the competition as well. Nobody listened to them.

It did not take long before Rush became to conservatives what the New York Times (Countrywide newswers took their news from the NYT) was to THE REST OF THE NEWS WORLD. Rush against the world…and he won.

Today there are still many faithful fans who have been with Rush since day one. More, there are millions of “Rush Babies” whose babies are now Rush fans. His success continues to escalate.

In a world that has gone mad from time to time Rush has been THE sustaining voice of sanity for conservatism. His contribution to conservatism will remain THE landmark long after he’s gone. A phenom for the ages. And the garlic around the vampire libs’s necks. Hee hee hee.

Trumpus MAGA called into the Rush show to congratulate him in the second hour.


I was in Santa Rosa Cal. A local station (KSRO) had picked him up. They suddenly had massive ratings from near 0, but the the left complained so much they dumped Rush… lol!..

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President Trump called him to congratulate him about 30 minutes ago. I was out driving in town and caught it. :+1::grin:

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If you can believe it in 1990 a news guy I worked with at the TV station recommended Rush to me. So, while the wife and I were out we stopped at a local eatery which is no longer there at Hollis Crossroads for a burger basket. I remembered and tuned in for the first time while she was inside getting the grub.

Rush was demonstrating safe radio. He had placed a condom over the golden EIB microphone.

This was what was going on the sec I tuned it. I got so flusterated at what I was hearing I hurriedly turned off the radio when I saw the wife pop out the door.

Boy, those were some good burgers, fries, and slaw. I tuned back in, naturally, the next time I was in the car and have been a happy Rush listener ever since.

Rush, man of the century. :smile:

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Remember the Rush Rooms at restaurants.

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Remember his TV show? No?

Neither does anyone else.


I do. It was right after Clinton was elected that I figured that he was nothing more than a shill for the Republican party.

Even younger me expected people to be about principles.

I watched 5 minutes of an episode. I was thinking “He’s trying to be funny, but is not funny, and he’s railing solely on Democrats. This is boring.” I had tuned in because his radio show was creating a buzz and I really didn’t know anything about him or what his values were about.

I do. I’m that old.

I used to have to put his radio show on to get traffic report way back when. I was forced to listen to the last minute of his show at top of the hour. Thank god for GPS.

The only thing I can give Rush is I do not remember him pretending to be Christian like other guys do.

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Like him, love him, or hate him he is a self made man who changed the political and broadcast worlds with his vision.

Congrats on thirty years at the top.

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Who? The dude is pretty much a nobody outside of America


My one great hope is that when he retires he’ll go on the air one last time and finally explain that he has been acting this entire time. That he’s a character. That the persona of Rush Limbaugh is a part he plays to make millions of dollars. He’s incredibly good at it and you have to admire his skills. But I do think his acting career has hurt political discourse.

30 years of filling Ditto Head skulls full of his mush!

Congratulations Rush!

I have heard him extol Christian ideas on his broadcasts - though I haven’t listened to him on a regular basis for some time.

I think he’s one of those who denies evolution and believes in Intelligent Design…

Rush will never retire. How will the ditto heads be told what to think? 20 million zombies slogging around the streets, moaning “Hillary” “benzghazi”, “lame stream media”.

In 20 years, Rush still be blaming all of the world’s ills on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Wouldn’t it be priceless if Rush claims his last radio show would be on Jan 20, 2025, and leading up to the election, proclaims his 40 years have been a ruse and he’s a Democrat. He goes in hard for the Democrats, blasting Justin Beeber or Ted Nugent or Kanye West, or whomever the celebrity Republican nominee is.

Celebrating one of the talking heads who transformed political discourse in the US? Before it was “we may not agree on everything, but I’ll still respect you as a person and a fellow American.” Now it’s “if you don’t agree with me, you are the true enemy of America and must be defeated at all costs.”

You’ll excuse me if I don’t stand and applaud a driving force of the militant hyperpartisanship plaguing this country.