OMB official breaks ranks and will testify

This development is sure to make Russ Vought nervous…

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Need some more

Hey…look over there…it’s Stormy Daniels.

…and over there…it’s Russian collusion.

…and, and, and…now…it’s…QUID PRO QUO. :sunglasses:

Oh look Rodger Stone found guilty on 7 counts…Opps thats not what you were getting at was it

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Isn’t it weird that Stone could possibly be found guilty of lying to the ultimate liar…Adam Schiff?

Donald is certainly one inmoral and corrupt ■■■■■■

“If he is issued a subpoena”… Sounds like he’s trying to get one! lol!

Very good point mind i would Schiff and Trump joint top of the lying table

If you can’t fight what?

the truth?

He must have one…

That’s easy enough to do. Here’s an entire thread on it. You just make a law against revealing the truth and state you can only judge whether or not, they broke the law. What you can’t do, is judge those who the truth actually incriminated.

Who are you trying to convince?

What does it all mean?