Omarosa Claims President Trump Suffering "Mental Decline" in New Book


Conway disputes that Trump made slurs about him, saying the timing isn’t right.

But again, would anyone be surprised?


I don’t see how the timing element enters into it, but the whole story is unclear anyway. Like Lulubee, though, I don’t doubt he used the words on “The Apprentice.” The Access Hollywood tape was one incident of his dreadful behavior. It certainly wasn’t the only time.


Some of the quotations in her book are matched to the tapes that Omarosa made of Trump.

Can’t wait to see what those quotations are.

Too bad she doesn’t have a picture of Trump eating paper as she also claims.



If Trump hating liberals wouldn’t be surprised, that is proof enough.
So he used these slurs, Omarosa went to work for him, and suddenly remembered it when she wrote her book.
Only Trump worshiping Trumpanzees wouldn’t believe that.


Lying liar has a book about lying liar(s).

No thanks.


Looks like she’s going to milk this for all it’s worth


why would you even bother with such nonsense?


Honestly, I’m at the point where I don’t beleive a word she says without putting up the tapes.

That said, I hope she causes the White House no end of trouble. She’s the kind of enemy Trump absolutely, 100% deserves.


Exactly. That’s what I think too. She had nothing but good things to say about him when she was working for him. But now that she’s going to ca$h in and has book$ to sell, suddenly everything she says is credible?

Michael Wolff turned out to be a big liar too.

I’d far rather go by what we actually KNOW about Trump, such as his tweets, public behavior and demeanor, etc. That’s bad enough.


Oh yeah, I agree with that. He’s asked for this by hiring such shady people to begin with. No sympathy for him at all.

That being said, without proof I won’t believe a word she says either. Liars like other liars.

“I only hire the best people”.


Apparently she has tapes, but really, she should never have had a job in the admin. The fact she did says a ton.


I believe she’s on Meet the Press Sunday.


Same thing happened with Donna Brazile, who once she started dishing dirt and promoting her book, the right-wing media couldn’t get a microphone in front of her fast enough.

Of course, one difference is that Omarosa has tapes of Trump, which at least one reporter has heard and said that it confirms several of the more inflammatory passages in the book.

So, we shall see.


If and when the tapes are made public and they back up her claims then I will take her more seriously.

But in any case, she and Trump really deserve each other. She’s just another example of the ridiculous people he hired.


This is true. If you watch some of his interviews in the 90s he doesnt come across as unstable as he does now


Well at least her grift with this book isn’t costing the tax payers, like others in Trump’s cabinet have done.


Sorry I called you a “sad sack”. You are one of the most principled conservatives on this site. My apologies.


That’s the other side in this drama. It’s hard to determine who has less credibility - her or Trump. I could see arguments on both sides on that one.

I know as far as Omarosa, her claim about the “N” word has been disputed by Frank Luntz, who I’d consider fairly reliable.

On the Trump side, Huckabee has already said the book is full of lies. Since the book hasn’t been released yet, I don’t know how she can make that claim yet. As far as I know, we only have excerpts at this point.


I don’t know how it works with this particular book, or what Huckabee was basing her claim on, but I have seen pre-release copies of novels before. They aren’t as polished looking and haven’t been through a final edit. I’m not sure, but I’ve always assumed they were produced for promotional purposes for reviewers and such.