Omarosa Claims President Trump Suffering "Mental Decline" in New Book


I never liked her honestly, I always thought something was off about her. I guess it was the fact she stop taken her meds!


But your boy loved her so much that he hired her as part of his administration, what the hell happened? Only the best right?


Umm Zombie Reagan is still President. So Duh?


I have also said there are many things I dont like that trump does! like the Hiring of Steve Bannon, or Sean Spicer. I am not a fan boy who falls in line with a particular party like yourself.


Obama put a tax cheat as head of the treasury, that didnt bother you.


Bro, Obama is not the president anymore and before you change the goal posts again, Hillary lost bro, get over it.


I call a spade a spade! I said I dont like who Trump Hired, you called me a fanboy, and I disputed it! You complain about who trump hires, and I respond that Prior presidents made mistakes as well. We are Human so none of us are perfect!


I mean, you’re not wrong about Omarosa but where the hell do you get the idea Comey is after money?


You knew this crap was coming.


DC is a one-party consent area. So no legal issues with that part of it.

Did she have a security clearance that allowed her to be involved in classified discussions?


His Book tour!


Everyone who writes a book does a book tour, including a number of your dear idols like “Judge” Jeanne.

I assume they’re all equally money hungry?


Ewwwwww. What makes her think that would be an attractive offer?


But if you judge trump’s level of perfection it would be a negative number.


Maybe. But Obama didn’t have anyone say he was the healthiest person ever either.



I want to know how HE knows.


Maybe you don’t. Probably don’t want to see the “evidence” either


I mean, it is Omarosa so grain of salt and all that, and she claims she never saw the tapes but know they exist.

She does claim however she witnessed him using racial slurs about George Conway (Kellyannes husband and Never-Trumper).

I’m not inclined to take her word, but would it really surprise anyone?


Please let this be true…


Is there any sane person who thinks Trump never used the N word?

It’s definitely on the Apprentice tapes - which is why Trump won’t give permission for their release.

If he had nothing to hide I’d think he’d want to prove that.

But he does have things to hide so he can’t. Just like with his tax returns.