OMAR’S AGENDA: Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls for 90% TAX RATE, Cuts to Military Budget | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Ilhan Omar called for a staggering 90% tax rate on high-income Americans this week; saying “we can increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities.”

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Let’s have a 100% tax rate on ALL income!

We are playing who can go off the cliff first, right?

She is a disgusting disgrace to our country. This mudslime wants nothing more than to destroy America. People who voted her in should be ashamed of themselves.

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It’s just another example of how ignorant these people are about economics. They are just like the person who thinks it’s okay to write a check, even though the account is empty, because they still have checks in the checkbook. Oh wait, the Democrats in Congress do that all the time.

This democrat, like the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, want to minimize and leave our military unarmed. Why she does not talk about reducing expenses to so many political clients, which they keep with the state’s money, our money. Barack doubled the food stamps beneficiaries, from 25 million to 45 million, many of them scoundrels. What does that mean? That poverty was increased and then they need the help of the state, which means more money out of our pockets . They impoverish people so that they need the gifts of the state and thus population control: pure socialism. They are enemies of this country. Watch out!

The reason why Obama and these other progressives want less military spending is because they want America to be vulnerable to attack and being overtaken so Islam can claim the remnants.

This is simple holy jihad on America which was started by Taquid in Obama hiding he was Islam and saying he was Christian in order to get elected. Once elected he was determined to promote Islam :star_and_crescent: to America’s youth in order to brain wash them young and not be so apprehensive of Islam moving forward. This will open the doors for Islam to take root and eventually kill the very people that helped it expand unless they declare “ Allah is god and Mohamed is his prophet”.