OMAR GOES OFF: Rep. Omar Says Trump ‘Policing Women’ with Late-Term Abortion Proposal | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar unloaded on the President just hours after his widely-popular State of the Union address Tuesday; accusing Trump of attempting to “police women’s bodies” after he called for a late-term abortion ban.

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I am fully behind the President’s request. America is due for a very hard judgement from God over this - It is shocking to say the least and I wonder why Legislators on both sides support this as well as abortion which has killed 56,000,000 babies in this Country alone. It is the biggest shame and it rests on all of us to defend the rights of the unborn no matter what stage they are. Think how many of those killed could or would have made the USA & World a better place Assuaging your conscious by saying that they are fetuses and not a real baby when Science and Doctors have said life begins at conception. These people are fooling themselves but not God nor many pro-life believers. I was for pro-choice but no more and this is not a political issue which arrives every election but a MORAL and ETHICAL issue to face full on and right this wrong.