OMAR GOES OFF: Rep. Omar Says Trump ‘Policing Women’ with Late-Term Abortion Proposal | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar unloaded on the President just hours after his widely-popular State of the Union address Tuesday; accusing Trump of attempting to “police women’s bodies” after he called for a late-term abortion ban.

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This is a woman who believes in sharia law and mutilation of women’s genitals. This is the woman who was not a U.S. citizen and married her brother. (which leads me to the question, is she a U.S. citizen?) to run. This is the woman who lied about where she lives to run in a district she doesn’t live in. This is a woman who changed her policies/campaign ‘promises’ as soon as she was elected. This woman should be recalled/impeached. I am totally disgusted by the vermin that is currently being elected. Our country is in danger.


As expected Omar has pivoted from a matter of preventing unscrupulous ,immoral murder to one wherein she accuses President Trump of attempting to control a woman’s body. More smoke and mirrors with baseless and flatout false statements. An attempt to defend the indefensible. Late term abortions are at a point wherein a woman’s body is going to go through the birthing process regardless, so how is it a legitimate argument that new legislation would somehow mandate a path of physical effort/danger that differs in any way.
Now if she wants to argue the emotion and stress of giving away a living and breathing human being born of your own flesh in gods miraculous creation then that’s another story.
But they certainly wouldn’t have you believe that it is a choice to be made that wouldl allow you an easier decision to kill your child rather than to give it thoughtfully and compassionately to someone who so desperately wants to do what they themselves will not …Would they?

One must look upon those whom elected her and ask Why? With luck God fearing citizens are paying attention and will not repeat the same mistake.

Hello ‘Enhanced’ do you have any citations or links that one could read to see this. It certainly sounds bad - just want to research it and if you have a link i would appreciate it.

Typical of her to complain about his remarks - however, she is off point. He is not trying to control a woman’s body. Many would agree the comment made by Trump was directed at concern over the life of the baby - if indeed, as has been recently discussed - that after born the baby “would be made comfortable, resuscitated if directed by mother, and then a discussion would transpire” - where a decision about the potential termination of the baby would be decided upon. On the face of it - this would be premeditated murder and conspiracy to murder - if in fact the decision was made after birth to terminate the life of the infant. Not hard to understand with the current set of circumstances and fact pattern at hand. The fact that a person cannot discuss this without the bias is evidence of a person with shallow intellect but deep seated moral failings. IMO

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Im sure she hates americans as a sharia supporter so the murdering of children is probably satisfying to her especially American children… after all sharia muslims use theirs as bombs and shields so 8s anyone actually surprised?

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How can you marry your brother to be eligible to run for Congress her sharia law and inane comments r a disgrace that dont deserve airtime

Rep. Omar should see this, From Harvard Law 6/2017 - Constitutionally the unborn is a PERSON.

Mainly Democrat Party controlled states are changing what the legal definition of PERSON is. They had to do that to instate their new late-term abortion law. But the Dem’s don’t want us to look any further than that. Why?

The Dems were all over the Governor of VA from the radio show which revealed that he has put a spin on his Hippocratic Oath. This is of great consequence, along with when a person is deemed, well, a PERSON.
The “WHY” of it all…
The main thrust of the 2020 Presidential election is one that the Democratic Party is defining “Medicare of All”. Apart for the outcry over a system we have, from our own pay, contributed to, they use this and more to obfuscate what rights the government of the US will relieve every person of.
First up - No Private Insurance. So many are already asking “WHY”?
Next up - Those folks in nations with socialized medicine and with more than enough funds to do so, have created a need, and the Medical Industry is responding to it. Resort type hospitals have sprung-up worldwide to fill a need for those who need specialized care but cannot get it under socialized medicine. They reside in resort areas and islands. And they are thriving. Again, Why would socialized medicine not have these procedures within their home nations and under their purview?
Ever wonder WHY we had to get to know what was in the ACA after it was voted in?

In order to have any kind of socialized healthcare as in Medicare for All, the government must have the ability to make determinations about your health. They use medical professionals who work for the government, and use factors such as risk and cost to make their determinations. What does this mean? It mans the Government has to be able to make life and death decisions regarding your healthcare. From the time before one is born, until what becomes one’s last breath, they must make determinations which effect not only life and death issues, but quality of care available.
An example might be the approval of a hip-replacement surgery granted for the same conditions in a younger person and declined in an older person. Cost effectiveness is a factor. So are considerations if a person is healthy enough to survive the procedure.

Think back to the British couple with their baby, Alfie Evans, who was offered life saving new treatment by the doctor who developed it. British doctors refused to operate on Alfie, but another doctor had developed a new operation that has been successful. Not only did the British prohibit this, but they stopped, for a brief time in Alfie’s brief life, allowing parents to see him. They decided Alfie could not leave for the treatment. Even after the court case, which did not allow the parents to remove Alfie from England for the treatment. This decision,not for Alfie’s life, who had nothing left to lose, but for legal and governmental reasons.

Every American citizen should know that is what is at stake hidden in the late-term, and after delivery deaths. No longer is everything possible being done to save life. If “Medicare for All” is ushered into this nation, this is what we will contend with.

I, for one, would not want the government to own the rights to my life.
How about you?
-Lin Cava

Both Omar and Cuomo are absurd with this late term abortion crap! I believe in abortion during early stages but this is down right murder! And the only reason that idiot Cuomo signed it into law is to thumb his nose at Trump. These dems are off the rails with their stupid comments and thoughts! I would love to meet them face to face and debate the current events.

This woman has a vested interest in seeing that Abortion continues in this country because western Americans abort their babies but Muslim immigrants DO NOT abort them under any circumstances because her goal is the Islamification of America! If Americans abort our babies and Muslims don’t, how long before there are more of them here than there are of us non-Muslims? Who’s ready for an American caliphate? …Anyone? Sure as heck not me!

Ms. Omar comes from an area of the world where infanticide is common. It is not surprising that cultures that practice the killing of unwanted babies would have no problem with killing them at birth. In India, so many female babies have been aborted because they are female, the government has had to ban sex determination before birth. Families in places like India, China, and many countries of the Middle East and Africa do not want female babies because they see them as a liability and a drain on the family. The fact that killing the girls means that there are fewer potential wives available means nothing. They just go out and kidnap women when they want them. It has become common for both unmarried girls and married women in Chinese cities to be kidnapped to provide wives to farmers in rural areas. And not all of the women that have gone missing here in the US and Western Europe have disappeared into the sex slave trade. At least part of them have been forcibly recruited to be captive wives.

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That is absolutely true AND while we are aborting our babies, Muslims are here and breeding like rabbits. How long before there are more Arab Muslims in America than us non-Muslims? When that happens, we can kiss our butts goodbye. Just ask Brigitte Gabriel!

OMAR is striving for the American population to go down. Omar’s religion doesn’t believe in abortion. She wants the blacks and Mexicans to be eliminated, please don’t get an abortion, you are aborting part of you.

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Will Omar be the first person to wear a suicide vest into our White House? Anything is possible with this anti-American Muslim extremist…


Islam says Jesus is not the Son of God because there is only one God and He had no offspring, but Allah, their “moon” god fathered three daughters ! As Mohammed labored to reduce the 360 false gods of the Arabian culture to just one god in order to compete with the Jewish “hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one”, he still said that it was perfectly proper to worship the three daughters of Allah ! Later, when his disciples from Medina rebuked him, he said that Allah had now forbidden the worship of the three goddesses. He said Allah could cancel a prior revelation if he wanted to ! Mohammed (Islam’s perfect prophet ?) couldn’t admit he was fallible so he blamed it on Allah !
What Islam and Judaism don’t understand is that Jesus was God in the flesh. When Phillip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father(God)”, Jesus said to him, “have I been with you so long and yet you know me not ?”.
Jesus is called the Son of God because the one who impregnates the woman is the father, and the male born of it is the son. God impregnated Mary by means of His Holy Spirit, and then dwelt in the body that grew in her womb.
We don’t believe in a restricted God, we believe in a God who is able to do all things Himself that serve His perfect will and purposes !
We leave belief in a restricted god to other such false worshipers, who believe in wimpy entities, such as those that need humans to do their killing for them.
As for outproducing offspring as a way of conquering ones perceived spiritual enemies goes, that is worth at least one laugh. True God is able to trim the sails of any false worshiping culture that gets too big for their britches, through many means, including plagues, “natural disasters”, and even wars. Trump said 7,000 of our military have died in the war in the middle east. I’m conservatively estimating that figures out to about 1 of our guys to every 20 followers of Islam ! This is preschool level math.
This goofy idea of the followers of Islam conquering the Jews by out-producing their offspring came about as a result of the holocaust during WWII. It was about the only area where they felt they had been given an unfair advantage, and when you are a follower of a false deity you soon learn the only way you can win is by seizing on an unfair advantage !
As for the murder of abortion goes, if it was acceptable to God under all circumstances including the health of the mother, there would only be 11 tribes of Israel Rachel, Jacob’s beloved wife would have lived and the son she died giving birth to, Benjamin (whom she named the son of my pain) would have died ! Stop feeding Satan’s blood lust !


I think that if the Republicans would unite, like the Democrats do, and keep hammering home the horror of any late term abortions, that we would stand a much better chance in 2020. If the suburban women of America are so important to the vote, I would think this would touch most of them. Most suburban women are mothers and would be horrified by the thought of full term babies being ripped apart or those unwanted babies born being murdered. There are so many childless couples that would love to have one of these babies, I can’t understand any of their logic. They use the guise of this law applying to only those babies that would be deformed or sick in some way or that the mother’s health would be in jeopardy. This law goes beyond those excuses and opens a door that we as a nation should never go through. Doctors every day already help pregnant women to make some of these agonizing choices, but do it for those real reasons, not just because someone decides they don’t want to raise their baby. Trump was not talking about taking a woman’s rights away, he was talking about caring for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I do wish everyone would please stop giving this person free publicity. She’s in the news at least once a day - along w/ her fellow crackpot lunatic AOC.

I agree w/ Joshua22_34…Stop feeding Satan’s blood lust!

Very succinct. Muslim enclaves will continue to elect their supremacists, and they waste not time getting us to submit to their ideology, hijabs, loud speakers 5x/day as mosques.
It’s part of 3 step 1400 year old jihad:
Infiltrate the gov’t

Get out of our government, Get out of our country. Yes, we need immigration reform, for the legals that come into our country. Intentions to infiltrate our government. Spread the hate and promote socialism communism. It that makes me a raciest, so be it. Her moral values are not in the best interest of our country. Yes, 1st she married her brother. Incest is against out laws. 2. Marry someone faudulant to become a citizen also against our laws. 3. To marry without divorce is bigamist, also against our laws. 4. She is not a law biding citizen should be arrested and deported. 5. To be a legal immigrant you must abide by. Our laws, when applying for legal immigrant you must know our laws.! Get out of AMERICA get out of our damaged democracy Get out Get out! No one has the right to murder! Especially INFANTS NEWBORNS! In your land it’s Common right to murder, beheading your a savage. GOD RUNS OUR COUNTRY SATAN RUNS YOU and I know Christianity is spreading into your country GOD, JEHOVAH, our christian God will destroy those that hate his Jeruserlum. You spread the word of hate, Christians don’t hate you :innocent: