OMAR EXPLODES: Rep. Omar Claims US Preparing ‘INVASION’ of Venezuela to Overthrow Maduro | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar doubled-down on her fiery defense of Venezuela’s brutal socialist regime Thursday; bizarrely claiming the United States was rapidly preparing for the “eventual invasion of this country.”

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Trump Admin sending aid? How can this happen if Trump is SO racist?

Hey Ilhan go leave our country and live in Venezuela since you see nothing wrong there.

Hey Rep. Omar, he’s the President of the United States representing DEMOCRACY, CAPITALISM, and FREEDOM. You are trying to replicate what you left in Somalia, thanks to Pres. BO allowing you to come to this country. You’re betraying your motives, that you want to fundamentally transform America, just like the man who let you in. Venezuela without US help is calling you . . .or maybe Cuba, or Russia, or your home country. China might work for you, or North Korea–you have a lot of options there. Hard to understand why you chose the HOME OF THE FREE AND THE LAND OF THE BRAVE, when there’s so much about it that you want to change.