OMAR ERUPTS: Rep. Omar Says US Officials ‘TORTURING’ ‘Little Girls’ at Southern Border | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Ilhan Omar unloaded on US authorities and Border Patrol Agents this week; accusing federal immigration officials of “torturing” and detaining “little girls” along the US-Mexico border.

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Anyone can throw out accusations. I want her to produce her proof. If any border agent has tortured a child then he or she needs to prosecuted. If the Rep. has proof of her claims, she needs to provide it to the appropriate authorities otherwise she is complicit in any wrong doing.

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Are they mutilating genitalia or sawing off heads like shariah believing muslims do? Is that what you are referring to? The FGM that is occurring right in your own back yard in MN. and MI.

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This looks like she is really young too from the picture shown… I am wondering who is " giving her this voice " has she ever worked in her young life??? let alone make decisions that effects more than just her District… Who is her Husband??? Where and how long has she lived in the USA, and HOW did she get to be a Citizen when there are alot more that have been waiting longer than she has been alive. To many words coming out of that mouth with NO BASE or knowledge of what this Country was founded by and FOR… … same goes with AOC… they must be sisters …

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It’s all ■■■■■■■■ to try and promote the democratic agenda. They don’t give a ■■■■ about this country. They just want people to think they care and they talk about anything that might resonate with people to try to get them votes. Basically it’s just another campaign stop. The parents bringing these young kids through the desert with no or very little food and water, letting their kids get raped are the ones torturing them.

Apparently there is a contest going on. Who can be more outrageous? AOC or this piece of work.

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Ilhan Omar married her brother to get into the United States.

Obviously Omar doesn’t have any news feed except her own head! A little research would reveal that the women and girls are being violated on the way to the border by the coyotes who they paid to bring them! The whole fake news group is in denial of this reality. Fake news is a disgrace and does such a disservice to our country. The irony is that the left thinks they are protecting the undocumented masses, when in actuality they are allowing women and young girls and even boys to be raped by their countrymen. It is totally sickening. :sob:: exploding_head:

I was a very caring landlord and tried to help a group of Somalians. She and her many kids were on Section 8. The man who spoke English said he was a spokesman for the woman and all the children and I could call him as needed… At one time I heard a woman in the house with gut wrenching cries upon picking up trash blown in the yard; my heart sunk! Ongoing there were many new Lexus cars there as well. I had a call from a female neighbor stating she saw two men digging in my backyard in November at 11pm and asked me, “Is the baby still alive? I asked if she called the police her answer, " I did not want to get involved”. I was originally told her husband was in Africa; later learned the so called spokesman was really her husband and she was the 1st wife. He had a decent job but was living with his #2 wife in a nearby area. I requested a police report and they redacted the whole 2 page long report. I am open to helping anyone but this was ridiculous. There is more to the story. They lost a caring landlord do to all…