Ollie North-Funniest Thing I've heard in a Long time

A protester was harassing North this weekend over his election to the President of the NRA shouts out, “Well do you think you’re Charlton Hesston Now?”

North looks at him and says, “No Hesston was Moses, I’m a US Marine!”.

The old man still has it! :laughing:

IIRC during the Iraq war, anyone who dud not serve but supprted the war was dismissed as a chickenhawk.

I sure hope anyone who did that should identify himself.

:joy:…uh…no :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s only funny to you.


Selling weapon to terrorists makes you an American hero in the eyes of Republicans.


Lol someone flagged my post because I said cow dung… but again why do republicans praise Ollie who sold weapons to the enemy

Because they are partisan hack hypocrites?

Can Oliver North, whose very name is synonymous with corruption and disgrace even own a gun legally?

Did anyone forget who this bad actor was?

25 years ago, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North did something really, really bad. He sold weapons to Iran (Yes, that IRAN) in an effort to help fund rebels fighting Nicaragua’s Socialist government.

that wasnt funny…not even clever

And only the warped brain of a liberal socialist would think it was bad to fight socialism and its the prime reason we have the current day Iran because of liberal Democrat politicizing of everything that would benefit America and benefit the world.

Idiot libs didn’t have a problem with Obama helping rebels in Egypt and Libya and how did support for both those revolutions turn out, liberal rancid that’s how!!

Why would anyone bother talking to someone who calls them an idiot? Don’t be a cartoon.

I had the opportunity to know a disgraced marine personally. I was at his funeral. They played taps over a cassette recorder. Got all he deserved.

Iran-Contra is all we need to know about this fellow.

so its okay to sell weapon to Iran?

Liberals don’t know they are idiots so I do get a lot of responses like yours. :wink:

Maybe they like to remind two faced liberal Democrats of their blatant hypocrisy. Fighting against Socialism is bad but sending 2000 guns to Mexican drug lords who murdered hundreds of Mexican civilians in addition to a American Border Patrol agent doesn’t bother libs at all. And it was probably a covert gun running/selling operation in Libya for the reason Hillary didn’t provide security for Ambassador Stevens.

Its like take your faux outrage and shove it where the don’t shine. Oliver North is a better person then any liberal ever was or ever will be and when you insult & demean others for doing exactly what your liberal hero’s do or have done then expect some push back.

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So, THERE!!! [stamps little foot, balls up little fist, steam shoots out of little ears]

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Proving - ugh no edit. :man_facepalming:

So it was ok to sell weapons to Iran? Is that a definite yes?

I was fine with it at the time and I still am.