Oldest Known WWII Soldier Died

Rest In Peace, Soldier


WOW 112! Rest In Peace


Holy ■■■■■ at that age nearly old enough to have been in WWI

Think of everything he experienced. We are poorer with each passing day. Rest easy Soldier.

Wow. WWII is going to leave living memory in my lifetime.


Rest In Peace Sir.

Korea isn’t far behind WWII either. And I’m young enough to where Vietnam will pass out of living memory for me and others my age.

Like the museum curator said, we have to keep their stories alive. So that the generations after us will understand the sacrifices they made for the nation.

Yeah, you’re right. I hadn’t considered Korea.

It’s a shame, but time marches on.

I personally know only one living WWII Vet. He is an Issie Japanese who joined the Marine Corp in 1945 out of an internment camp. He was just finishing up basic training when the war ended. He is 94.

What an amazing man!

Rest In Peace, and thank you for your service.

Time is passing us all by and it’s something like this, that is The Lord’s reminder of this truth.

The sacrifice you made over 70 years ago, has allowed me to say, thank you for your service today.

Rest in peace. :pray:

I grew up surrounded by WWII vets. They had a huge influence on me.

I’m also happy my daughter grew up very close to her grandfather, a WWII vet. She is now engaged to a Afghanistan vet.