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I thought about starting one for us old timers for music…then I thought about old timers favorite books…then I thought about just having a thread about growing up in the 50-60’s. What do you think oldsters?

Oh, the places we could go with this. I love old music. I’m a child of the '50s. I grew up loving '60s music, but these days I go further back to Sinatra and the blues. Love old TV too. Not a lot of recent shows get to me, though I did recently watch all of “Monk.”

Yeah, no kidding. Find myself watching a lot of Gunsmoke, Perry Mason etc etc. I love Motown oldies too. I don’t like the ‘new’ shows that much. It usually takes me several years before I even get interested. I think Seinfeld was ‘done’ before I watched it on re-runs. Same with Friends. I’m always ‘late to the show’…lololol.

Let’s do it:)
I grew up in the 50’s. Some of the things I remember:
Adlai Stevenson
Steve Allen
Jack Paar
Playhouse 90
Have Gun Will Travel
There’s a bunch more- I’ll let someone else do it for awhile.

Captain Kangaroo
Mighty Mouse
Elvis Presley
Jerry Lee Lewis

Oh yeah! Jack Paar! That was when I snuck downstairs to watch ‘late nite’ stuff. Of course that was when you had one TV in the house and maybe 4 channels. Good times!

How about:
Milton Berle
Ed Sullivan
Lawrence Welk
I didn’t like any of them, but, Gosh, I remember them.

Captain Kangaroo and Mister Green Jeans. Ricky and Copper.

Loved them all. I remember sitting in the living room when Ed Sullivan had the Beatles on…and my dad was so ticked off. He was more into the oldie oldie music like showed on Lawrence Welk. I loved them all!

How about Kukla, Fran and Ollie?

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Clarabelle the Clown?
Pinkie Lee?

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Anyone remember Knish? Probably not if you aren’t from the P’burgh area.

Oh yeah…‘Adventure Time’.

I don’t. Must have been local to you.
I probably won’t be back tonight, but I’m sure I’ll visit tomorrow. Keep this going. It’s fun.

Yeah, it was local at the time. Sometimes I get bogged down on the few channels I watched back then. I don’t want to do that because we all had ‘local channels’ those days…if you even had a TV…lol. My first memory actually was a big Zenith Radio that we listened to…my particular memory was of Zorro.


Loved the Honeymooners! Thanks for sharing!