Oklahoma seeking to return $2 million of HDQ

notice it was purchased due to effectiveness

not because trump mentioned it

from the op link:

“Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt defended the purchase last year, saying the drug was showing some promise as a treatment in early March and he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to acquire it.“

but i understand msnbc‘ers gonna msnbc

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Apparently something went wrong. If it works so good, why the change of heart. Because they want to return it. Are you glossing over that part?

Did you read article in the tweet? Lol

CONspiracy Cons

ok who said it “works so good?”

i read it all

you have a point?

if so you aint making it

A 55-year-old emergency room physician, Gold did not respond to calls and text messages asking about her role in the attack and why she baselessly calls a Covid-19 vaccine an “experimental biological agent”.




Wouldn’t it be cool if Hydroxychloroquine + Vaccine ended up killing variants?

This person.

didnt your beloved vp state shes not taking the vaccine if it came out of trump admin?

these views have nothing to do with hydroxy

just pure personal attacks. the realm of the idealess left

go back to the guardian.

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right. on the advice of many experts.

remember now - hes not a doctor

only if Biden thought it would

She said she wouldn’t trust Trump but she would trust other professionals if they said it was safe.

She definitely didn’t say it was a biological agent :rofl:

This lady was also arrested for storming the capitol. This is a good person for cons to get behind :rofl:

do you have any evidence that she is not qualified to give her take on hydroxy?

dont forget to respond with laughing emotes

She is allowed to have an opinion. But that doesn’t mean she is right. She is obviously bat ■■■■ crazy because she was one of the capitol stormers.

Are cons sure this is the person they want to back?

i didnt say she wasnt allowed to have an opinion

you didnt answer my question

so i repeat my question

do you have any evidence that she is not qualified to give her take on hydroxy?

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The article I posted is from the American Journal of Medicine as is only five months old.

You’d think folks would take a look at the information in the study rather than get stuck on Dr. Gold.

Oops, meant to reply to @SixFoot

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Hard to say. I could only find this in the article @SneakySFDude linked to as a possible reason:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also reversed its emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in June of last year.

Given the information from the study, maybe Oklahoma might want to keep some of the supply on hand, especially with the new variant.

I posted this days ago with nary a response.

The okies were bamboozled outta 2,000,000 and they want their money back.

And who can blame them.

They was used.